Slow Sunday

I spent last night and today making a new bag.    This one is made with recycled denim.    I did the quilting on my Singer 66 red eye treadle.

I used gold thread to match the stitching in the jeans.   An I used the waist band from the jeans to finish the top of the bag.

I spent a good portion of Saturday weeding and pruning in the garden.  It is amazing how quickly the weeds grow!    And the shrubs and roses as well.  I had good intentions of doing a lot more gardening today but after I get started on the bag I couldn’t stop and it was 9 pm before I knew it.    If anyone is interested it can be purchased here

Teddy Says HI!
Happy Quilting


I’m Back

I feel so bad that I have been away so long!    It has been so long that I am not sure I can cover everything in one post but let me at least get started on the catching up.

I have had some health problems that have slowed me down.    I had a bout of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome , rather than try to explain all of that here is a link if you want to read about it.

I still have a lot of facial pain from that …. but it is much better than it was.   I am fortunate to have pretty good medical insurance but the cost would have been nearly 30 thousand dollars for all the tests and the time in the emergency room etc.    Still it does eat up money that I had other plans for 🙂

Also having a lot of trouble with the nerves in my elbow on my left arm, and both shoulders, and arthritis in both hands.  All of that has made me unable to hand quilt for more than just very short periods of time and that has been hard to deal with.   I am going back to the Dr. mid July and I am determined to get back to hand quilting so I have not given up on that.    Fortunately I learned to machine quilt on my treadle so I can still quilt!

I didn’t want to make this post into a pity part so on to the good news .

I got a new pair of glasses, Trifocals, and I can see again !    So nice to go to a good Dr and a good optician to fit them properly!!

My quilting business on Etsy has been keeping me very busy!  Here are a few of the things I have been making.

And to shamelessly self promote here is the link to the store to purchase.

As long as I can remember I have always wanted to make things for a living.   I always said “I want to be an artist”   even at the age of 5.    So it has been a great joy to me to be able to finally do that 45 years later!     People often ask what I am working on quilting.  My answer lately is “a new furnace and replacement windows”   I have sold enough bags for the furnace but a lot of that went to medical expenses and other household needs and garden costs  so I am starting over….still plenty of time before winter 🙂 and I love making them!

Now for my garden…..there are a million pictures but here are many ( click on any of the pictures to enlarge)

Early Spring


Early Summer


So that is the garden summary for the season so far.

Here is Teddy supervising the replacement of the deck boards.

I have several new sewing machines to share….and a ton of quilt projects in my head but I will save that for the next post…..
Again I am sorry to have been away so long! But I promise to post at least once a week .

Happy Quilting and gardening!


Quilter’s WinterFest

I have been so busy I just have not had time to post.    I have had a lot of interest in my bags and I have been pretty much non stop stitching away.

I finished 3 today to get in the mail tomorrow.   Teddy Helped

I am also making a bag for myself….this will be a bag for my laptop.

dscn1800 dscn1791

Here is a short video of working on that.

It will be a while before I finish it.   I have more orders to finish…..but getting close to catching up 🙂

I will be doing a presentation at Quilter’s WinterFest in Frankenmuth MI on Monday Feb 20th at 7:00 pm.

here is the announcement.

ANNOUNCEMENT: It is with a heavy heart that we bring the news to you that Mark Lipinski will not be at this year’s WinterFest. Mark was very upset to have to make this decision, but he felt (and we agree) that it was in the best interest of his health. We whole-heartedly wish the best for Mark and hope you will, too. Mark is very active on Facebook, so we urge you to join him there. You will glean much inspiration for your quilting from his daily posts until we all have the chance to meet him face to face!
We are excited to announce that Tim Latimer and Paula Nadelstern will be filling Mark’s teaching slots! In addition, we have extended the registration deadline to February 13.
On Monday, February 20 Tim Latimer will be doing a trunk show. Tim is a collector of vintage and antique quilt tops which he finishes by hand, or by using an antique treadle machine. Tim will walk us through his process and show us how he turns something old into something new and beautiful again. His work is truly unique and something to be seen in person! See more of Tim’s work at (Monday, February 20, 7:00 PM, Registration #2005, $40)
On Sunday, February 19 a new class with Paula Nadelstern will be available. Paula will be teaching one of her Kaleidoscope designs, “Sixty Thirty”. In this one-day class you will learn to draft perfect angles and sew dissimilar angles together. As Paula describes it, she will help you “demystify” the nature of symmetry. See more about Paula at (Sunday, February 19, 1:00-5:00 PM, Registration #1902, $40)
Thank you for understanding, and many thanks to Tim and Paula. We are looking forward to learning from these talented teachers!

here is the link to the WinterFest site

I hope to see some of you there!  I will be bringing a lot of quilts to show!

Happy Quilting


Monkey business

I am working on the hand quilting of the blue rose quilt.   I will be doing a video of the quilting process but I need to work out the best placement for the camera so that you can see what I am doing.     I did a test today and I need to find a different solution…..but here is the test (no sound just a short test)

I think Ill try an overhead camera , I just need to figure out how to do that 🙂

Teddy is working on unstuffing his new monkey (not to worry, it is a dog toy from the pet store)


he has also been watching my feet go up and down as I treadle quilt.   I have been making tote bags

dscn1702 dscn1705 dscn1722 dscn1726 dscn1721

I am taking orders for the bags here
I’ll work on the hand quilting video this week…..

Happy Quilting


Happy New Year

The bad news is time flies…….the good news is you are the pilot

I plan to pilot my plane to positive places this year.

I am making some progress on the Rose quilt.      I washed it to get out all of my markings  (crayola washable markers all come out in the wash, gentle cycle warm water and Tide detergent) and hung it to dry…and now working on the fill quilting on the background.
A video of that coming soon but here are pictures.

dscn1681 dscn1682 dscn1683 dscn1684 dscn1685

Teddy is helping to hold it in place.
For new year I don’t usually make resolutions but I will make one this year…..I am going to finish this quilt!

I am also working on treadle quilting.

The new machine is fun.   Here is a video of quilting the feathers. There is no sound in the video but you can watch me make a feather on a singer 66 treadle.

Teddy tried to help but his feet don’t reach the treadle pedal.

Happy New Year

Happy Quilting




Another machine!

I got another machine.   I really didn’t need the machine itself.   I already have 3 Singer 66 machines.     But the cabinet is a different story!

dscn1638 dscn1639 dscn1642 dscn1643

The drawing-room cabinet is a model 22 from 1921.

165 drawing_room_cabinet_no_22_zpse67589ca


The machine is a back clamping machine (the feet screw on from the back rather than the side)  and needs an adapter in order to fit a quilting foot to do free motion quilting.   I ordered one but decided to put one of my other machines in it to try it out.

The one I put in is basically the same machine but can use normal feet.


The treadle works great!

Teddy is supervising.


I am on the final stretch finishing up bag orders.   I should have them all assembled on Thursday.


Happy Quilting!


Merry Christmas

It is that time of year where I never seem to be able to find enough time to do all the things I want to do.

I bought a great new sewing machine,   Pfaff 230 and put it in the treadle to try it out.

I made a bag with it.

dscn1623 dscn1624

I have 4 more to make and I will be caught up on orders…..then I can get back to some of the many projects I have started.

Remember this one?


I finished the basic hand quilting on it and got it in the wash to take out all the marking lines and it is hanging to dry now……next I can go back and do the filling in quilting like I did in this small section.


then I’ll add trapunto and then binding.

I have an old Singer 31-15 that I plan to get working.


I got a treadle base for it today…..I need to do some modifications to that to fit the extra-large machine…..and then do a lot of work on the machine itself.   I’ll use it for larger free motion projects because it has so much space , over 10 inches between the needle and the column.


Teddy got dressed for Christmas.

And it has warmed up again…….it is 35 degrees now.   It wont melt all the snow but it should make for safer holiday travel.

Merry Christmas and Happy Quilting