Garden Journal 2011

August 20

It has been quite a while since I have updated the journal.  For today I will just post several pictures from the past few weeks.  Things have been growing rapidly since we have had a good deal of rain.


July 24

The heat wave and drought continues!  The forecast has been for rain the last few days but so far there has only been a few drops.  The result is that I have done little in the garden for the past few week other than water to keep it alive.   It has survived well considering.  Here are a few pictures

Keep cool!  Pray for rain

Happy Gardening


July 2, 2011

A few more plants in bloom this week

Kniphofia (aka Tritoma) common name “Red Hot Poker”  A very interesting flower.  It doesn’t have a long blooming period but it is worth growing.

Asiatic lily.  I believe the variety is “lollypop”

Ratibida columnifera , common name “Mexican Hat”  I started plants from seed

A ornimental variety of Millet

Another Millet.  The seed heads are great for dried flower arrangements

Larkspur is starting to bloom.  It self seeds and some years are better than others.  This is a light year

The Fairy rose in full bloom

Regal lily

Seven Sisters rose is blooming away, each cluster of flowers is a bouquet in itself

Hydrangea arborescence “Annabel”

The front yard, most of the color this time of year is roses.

 June 25, 2011

A few new things blooming this week. My goal in planning a garden is to have continuous bloom that changes from week to week. (click pictures to enlarge)

The blue of the Nepeta looks great with the orange lilies.  You can never go wrong with a complimentary color harmony.

The “New Dawn” rose is blooming nicely.  Here is a close shot and one of the back Yard, the rose is on the far left.  This rose was not a fast one to take off.  It is now about 5 years old and doing great.  This year I needed to bring down the soil pH and used “Holly Tone” organic fertilizer.  The rose seems to love it.

This is “Seven Sisters” rose, a vigorous rambler, just starting to flower.  It gets a bad case of powdery mildew every year, but it doesn’t seem to slow it down!

Cuthbert Grant is blooming heavily this week

This one is called “Nearly Wild”  it blooms all summer and get nice rose hips in the fall.

“The Fairy” is an old favorite from the 20’s…blooms all summer and the tiny little flower clusters make great cut flowers.

Lady’s Mantle is blooming.  It makes a great filler flower in bouquets

The front yard is looking great… drive by very slowly to take a look

The new bed in the back is filling in well…next year it will be quite a display.

Happy Gardening


June 19, 2011

The garden continues to grow.  The weather has been pretty good this week.

The Asiatic lilies are starting to bloom

Centranthus ruber, or red valerian in bloom

Lambs ear and salvia

Tomato plants have doubled in size the last week

A very unique petunia…almost black and yellow

Penstemon, husker red

A self seeding annual , buplurum

A nice scaveola basket

The new flower bed developing nicely.

Rosa gallica officinallis , Apothecary’s rose…one of the oldest cultivated roses was brought from Damascus to France in the 13th century.

Charles deMills, another very old rose

Verdun, a nice multi flowered rose

New Dawn climber beginning to flower

Brother cadfael, the flowers are so large!

Collette climber still in full bloom

as is Dortmund

More to flower soon

Happy Gardening


June 11,2011

Its been an interesting week.  started out in the upper 90’s and ended up with rain and cool temps.  There was a break in the rain Friday so there was a window of opportunity to get the new garden mulched.  I used 2 yards of shredded red pine bark.  This covered the new bed and the side beds in the back yard.

Today I got the path made.  I used 11 60# bags of concrete

Once the concrete sets I will add sand to fill the cracks.

The front Yard is looking great

Climbing Hydrangea looks great

Siberian Iris in full bloom

The peony are blooming.  This single white peony was mis-marked It was sold as a double, but here it is….Still pretty

Foxglove are blooming.  They self seed and show up all over the garden

This plant is called blue-eyed grass.  It’s related to Iris and is a wild flower.  It grows great in the MI garden

Many Roses blooming this week

Collette climbing rose


Climbing White America

Growing with clematis


Constance Spry

4th of July

Jeanne Lajoie

Brother Cadefile

Rene deViolettes

Cuthbert Grant

William Shakspere II

Charles deMilles


Christopher Marlowe

Snow Pavemnet

Knock Out

Non Native “wild” rose from China

Red Ribbons

Many more to come this next week

Happy Gardening!!


June 5, 2011

The weather has been very warm the past week and there has been a lot of growth in the garden

(click on any photo for a larger view)

Many of the roses have started to bloom

Rosa Rugosa, unknown cultivar 

“The Unicorn” 

Alexander McKenzie 


The climber will be in full bloom by next week The meadow rue, Thalictrum Aquiligifolia, is blooming

 I grow chives for the flowers.  Here they are in the front flower garden.

 The Miss Kim Lilac is in full fragrant bloom!

 Here it is with the “wine and roses” wigelia

 The false indigo, Baptisia australis, is beautiful this year

 The pinks are in full bloom

 Pink does not refer to the color.  It refers to the petals, which look as if they have been trimmed with pinking shears. Lambs ear looking great (it tires out mid-summer

 Siberian Iris is just starting to open

 I added 18 bags of mulch to the front garden this week. I tried a new brand, Preen, It has preen weed preventer mixed in.  Will see how it works. I worked on the new Island bed with the path in the back this week.  I divided and moved several things from the front, purchased 4 flats from the garden center, some plants from the MSU plant sale, some seedlings I started myself, and now it needs to grow!!  I need to mulch, edge, pave the path and make the arbor yet.  But I got a lot done.


 Happy GardeningTimMay 25, 2011

The last few days I have been working on a new flower bed in the back yard.  I say the last few days but in actuality its been 2 years in coming.  At some point in the history of the house there must have been another building in the back which burned down and the rubble leveled and covered with fill dirt (mostly clay) and then topped off with gravel.  Since there is no garage the area had been essentially a parking lot.  I had a lot of rubble and debris to remove before anything would grow!

Lots of junk!!

A few years ago I finished another bed in the back yard and have been working on this one since.  When I plan a bed I like to do it with a photo.  I take a picture, print it out, and then sketch in what I think I would like to plant.

Here is the sketch from a few years back…the lower left is the area where the new bed goes

Digging out all that junk takes a long time!…I actually sifted the soil through wire mesh screens to get a lot of the bigger stones and glass and gravel out.

At long last all that is done!

Now I still have really bad soil….I would need to screen it again to get out more of the gravel and cement and brick pieces (cement and brick, when mixed into soil, have a tendency to raise soil pH so high that nothing grows well) and I would need to add a tremendous amount of organic material.  Frankly I ran out of steam, and just wanted it to be done!  I had a delivery of a compost/soli mixture delivered by a local landscape co. 4 yards worth

Then I had to spread it out over the bed and form a path through the center. So Now I have a good foot or more of great soil to grow in on top and the soil below is loosened up and ready for roots to grow into.

Now to get rid of all those big hunks of concrete and brick

The path will be paved with cement using a form

the pictures show another area that I did with the cement form.  It will work well for the garden path.  I will also have an entry arbor at the front of the path.

But for now I need to get some things planted!  There are several plants that are currently in other beds that need to be moved.  I will start with those, after planting I will go back to construction and do the path and arbor

stay tuned

Happy Gardening


May 22,2011

Up into the 80’s today and sunny.  Got a lot of work done in the garden.. I was weeding the area under the lilac in the front to plant some annuals and found that several of its branches were dying.  Looking at it more closely I discovered that the whole thing was just covered with scale insects.  I felt like it was too far gone to save so sadly I dug it out.  But did get to enjoy the flowers first

The blooms were so fragrant, and I hated to see the plant go, but I have others.  In the back yard I have a cut leaf lilac.

It is healthy and blooming away.  The flowers are more delicate than the common lilac, but just as fragrant.

The Korean lilac is still a week or so away from blooming.

After I got the lilac out (no small task) I needed to fill in the hole.  I had a hosta that needed to be move out of the front  flower bed so it was the perfect thing for the spot.  The neighbor’s tree has grown quite a bit and is making plenty of shade so the hosta will be happy there

the Allium are blooming beautifully

I got the pots in the tower planted

The bleeding heart (this is one plant) is blooming away

The climbing hydrangea on the front porch post is going to be great when the flowers open

and here is the mini shade garden that is below the climbing roses

Happy Gardening!

May 13, 2011

The warm weather has brought on a lot of growth in the garden.

The flowering Almond is in full bloom

the lilac is almost fully open

The creeping phlox is in full bloom

One little Jack-in-the-pulpit blooming

The Ferns taking off

Cushion Spurge blooming

A few new garden protectors

self seeding violas blooming

and the double grape hyacinth always bloom later than the others

the temperature has been in the 80’s the last few days.  The flowers are growing fast, but so are the weeds!  I need to get the weeding done and mulch the garden soon.

Happy Gardening!

May 9, 2011

Good weather the last few days.  Did a lot more weeding and spring clean up.  Lots more things coming into bloom

The service berry is in full bloom

Bleeding heart is growing fast

Tulips and grape hyacinth in bloom

Species tulips in bloom, the yellow are done and the reds starting

The ferns are growing fast

The climbing hydrangea is covered in buds, should be quite a show soon

Flowering Almond should be in full bloom in a few days

Giant Allium will be quite impressive soon, lots of buds!….notice that the foliage is already turning brown at the tips.  The foliage looks pretty bad by the time the blooms are open.

The creeping phlox is beginning to bloom

I can’t tell if Teddy likes it or not

He just got a hair cut and felt that he needed to be in a picture….Teddy is a Ham!

May 1, 2011

Today was the first day in weeks without rain!  Had some time to get some much-needed yard work done.

First lawn cut of the season today….and the mower started without too much trouble (small miracle)

Cut back all the clematis, and roses were pruned. in all a total of 4 more bags for the city compost.

The weeping cherry tree is in bloom and looking its best

trillium doing well

Species Tulip (Tulipa tarda) only 6″ tall, and beautiful!

The Hyacinth are in bloom and the yard smells great!

I had a big task pruning the climbing roses, they were growing so huge they wanted to jump into the neighbor’s yard

A bag full of pruning later

It will eventually make and archway over the gate.

I will post a picture when the roses are in bloom, but here is a preview from last year

This is actually 2 climbing roses, Dortmund (red single that makes great rose hips) and Collette (amazing full rose that is so easy to grow).  Here is a Collette closeup

Happy Gardening!


Spring 4/14/11

A few things are blooming today.


and Siberian Squill, these are planted in a shady area, in a month they will be hidden by fern.

The trilliums are starting

And the giant Allium are growing fast

It won;t be long before the bleeding heart is in flower; once they get going they grow fast.

and the hyacinth will be blooming soon

April 2011

I always keep a garden journal. I record all the activities, new plants, how things grow, plans, etc.

This year I decided to keep a journal here.

here is a picture of last years garden….hope its even better this year!


March 19, 2011 by timquilts | Edit

It has been a long winter here in Michigan!  The last few days have finally melted most of the snow and I see some signs of spring.  The tulips and daffodils are doing their thing.

Now that I look at them I realize how much spring clean up I have to do!!

Looks like tomorrow is a gardening day, but I am looking forward to getting my hands into the soil again.

Sunday Update

There is alway so much more to clean up than I expect!  I got the bulk of the front yard cleaned up but its beginning to look like rain (or is that my excuse to quit?)  well here is what I cleaned out today. The city composts yard waste but they don’t start pick up until April 6. So here it will sit for a while.


For Inspiration here are a few pictures of last spring.

I will post update pictures of this year’s garden soon.  For now Happy Spring!

A new visitor to the bird feeder (I dont think he was after seeds)

12 thoughts on “Garden Journal 2011

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  2. KarenQuilt says:

    Such a lovely garden, Tim! I discovered the names of some of the things in the yard we have inherited! I have not taken up up gardening, yet, since moving here. I give myself all kinds of excuses….the deer…the lack of sunlight. But I do maintain the fenced orchard that contians 9 fruit trees. In spite of the tall cedars and Douglas Fir (and the squirrels and racoons that rob me blind of my fruit), the orchard struggles on. I have added raspberries to orchard and I faithfully compost the other half that has no plantings. Eventually I guess I’ll have to plant some flowers there.

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  6. Kristen says:

    Tim, the powdery mildew on the Seven Sisters roses you mention – does that entail the leaves spotting brown and falling off? Our climber in the front yard blooms every year (this year like crazy) and then within days or even by the time I deadhead the blooms, the leaves spot and fall off. And it’s done for for the rest of the summer. But it comes back every spring like it never happened. Is there anything to do about that? Should I send you a photo?

    • timquilts says:

      Hi Kristen
      The powdery mildew is a whitish greyish fuzzy covering on the foliage…eventually it does kill the leaves. It can be treated with fungicide ( orthorose pride is good), but best to spray early before it sets in. The problem you describe sounds like black spot. which is a common rose problem…same solution spray with fungicide. It is also best to clean up all the fallen leaves from the ground because they contain the spores for next years infestation.
      Good luck

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  8. antarabesque says:

    Lovely. I am partial to purple, particularly the little violas with their sincere faces. So beautiful, I can just imagine the scents.

  9. What’s up, I read your blogs daily. Your humoristic style is witty, keep it up!

  10. […] In 2011 I posted all my garden pictures on a separate page.   It is fun to look back at how the garden has changed since then.   see that page here […]

  11. […] In 2011 I posted all my garden pictures on a separate page.   It is fun to look back at how the garden has changed since then.   see that page here […]


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