Snow etc.

It has been snowing a lot.

When the snow is deeper than Teddy’s legs I really have no choice but to shovel it 🙂

I have been busy making blue denim bags to fill orders but I took a break from that to do a white bag.    here is a video.

I finished it and listed it for sale.

dscn1619 dscn1618 dscn1617 dscn1616dscn1615

It sold within 5 minutes.

still hand quilting every night…..I’ll get some pictures of that soon.


Happy Quilting


Bags……busy with bags

I have been so busy sewing bags I have not had time to blog…… ( getting orders filled but each bag takes a few days)

dscn1589-2 dscn1589

I am making progress….

We had 10 inches of wet snow and I wore myself out shoveling that……and the forecast is for -0 degrees by Thursday!  I have a lot of new quilting projects planned……and I hope to make some time to write about them soon.

Right now I have some of my quilts for sale on Etsy,    .  Many are priced at what is essentially my cost to make them but I need room, and frankly I could use a little end of the year income.    Prices will be back to reasonable (closer to what they are worth) after Christmas.

Happy Quilting





I have been getting notices that the last day to enter a quilt in the 2017 AQS Quilt Week  Spring Paducah contest.   I got another one today reminding me that today is the LAST day to enter.     So I beat the deadline by a few hours and entered 3 quilts.

They are all machine quilted on one of my treadle machines.   I am pretty new to Machine quilting so I don’t really know what to expect.

only one quilt per category is allowed but I had 3 that I was pretty happy with.


dscn1580dscn1583dscn1262dscn1265dscn1214 dscn1215


I don’t know if any will be accepted but I do think I will try to make it to the show this year.    I have not gone to the Paducah show before and I think it would be fun to go .

It started to snow yesterday…..and it is beginning to really feel like the holiday season is here .

I think it might be time to think about some Christmas cards

Happy Quilting



That time of year

I have been very busy with Holiday creating.
I have been making tote bags to sell in my Etsy store here….

I can’t make them fast enough…they take a few days each but I still have several quilts for sale and am making more bags to add.

here is a video of progress on one


working on bags during the day and hand quilting at night….and having a great time….but time sure goes by fast!!

Happy Holidays!
Tim & Teddy




Finished bag

Well it took forever…..but now that I got it done I know that the next one wont take as long.   I don’t think I have ever used a pattern for anything…..and I don’t often do this kind of sewing ( making something other than a quilt) so it is a bit of figuring it out as I go.
dscn1545 dscn1547

At any rate I am pleased with how it turned out and glad it is finished 🙂

Happy quilting


Where does the time go?

I had big plans for the day and here it is 7pm and not much of it happened.

I planned to finish my denim bag and I got involved in trying to do a video of how….and then I decided I needed to change the hand wheel on the machine and then had a lot of trouble downloading my video ….finally got it and it is 7:00… I am going to sit down in my comfy chair and hand quilt!

If you are interested in how to thread a Singer 66-18 and change the hand wheel, and set it up to free motion quilt I have a video for you 😉

And if you prefer a short video of just machine quilting….no words just sewing here it is

Teddy says HI