That time of year


I have been very busy with Holiday creating.
I have been making tote bags to sell in my Etsy store here….

I can’t make them fast enough…they take a few days each but I still have several quilts for sale and am making more bags to add.

here is a video of progress on one


working on bags during the day and hand quilting at night….and having a great time….but time sure goes by fast!!

Happy Holidays!
Tim & Teddy




Finished bag


Well it took forever…..but now that I got it done I know that the next one wont take as long.   I don’t think I have ever used a pattern for anything…..and I don’t often do this kind of sewing ( making something other than a quilt) so it is a bit of figuring it out as I go.
dscn1545 dscn1547

At any rate I am pleased with how it turned out and glad it is finished 🙂

Happy quilting


Where does the time go?


I had big plans for the day and here it is 7pm and not much of it happened.

I planned to finish my denim bag and I got involved in trying to do a video of how….and then I decided I needed to change the hand wheel on the machine and then had a lot of trouble downloading my video ….finally got it and it is 7:00… I am going to sit down in my comfy chair and hand quilt!

If you are interested in how to thread a Singer 66-18 and change the hand wheel, and set it up to free motion quilt I have a video for you 😉

And if you prefer a short video of just machine quilting….no words just sewing here it is

Teddy says HI


End of the Garden Season


Monday is the last day the city will pick up garden waste so I got some garden cleanup done.  My composer if full to the brim so it has to go out in bags for city pickup. (the city will compost it)

here are a few of the bags


Fall came very late this year so there are still trees with leaves and I could rake every day ….because they blow in from everywhere.

Lots of plants needed to be cut back…..if they don’t get done now it will have to be done in the spring.

Some things I don’t cut back.  I think the ornamental grasses look great all winter.


I have some ferns that are evergreen.


Hydrangea look pretty even when they lose all their leaves.


The oak leaf hydrangea has pretty fall color


The dogwood still has pretty colored leaves.


The fairy rose is not ready to quit


lots of leaves to clean out of the beds.


when I look past the work it does look pretty.


I did a bit of quilting.    I am making another bag using recycled Jeans legs.  Doing the free motion quilting on the Singer 66-18.  Here is the front panel.


Happy Gardening/quilting




I got the decorations on the tree today.   Mostly Santa ornaments that I have collected over the years, and most of them were gifts.  (click on pictures to enlarge)

I think teddy is waiting for Santa to put some presents under the tree.


My Christmas tablecloth quilt ( it is a vintage tablecloth that I added a red border to and hand quilted)  made a good cover for the tree base.  I had planned to add one of my quilted tree skirts but I don’t think it needs it.

I have several more Trees and I might put up a few more. I think I will do one with a sewing/quilting theme…..I have a huge bag full of wooden thread spools that would be great ornaments .    Not sure if I will get that done this year, but I think it would be fun to do.

For now I feel happy to have this one done.    It looks small up on the table but it really is 7 feet tall.
dscn1515 dscn1514
I think I’ll spend the next few days quilting…….but there is a lot of end of the year cleanup left to do in the garden.   If the weather is good tomorrow I think that is the priority.

Happy Quilting


Sometimes you get distracted


I had great intentions of getting my tree decorated today.   I got the tree set up and the lights are on but I didn’t get the decorations on it yet.


I decided to use a smaller tree this year….this one is 7 feet but I have really high ceilings so I put it up on a table.

A Singer sewing machine is the reason I didn’t get more decorating done.  A Singer 31-15 arrived today.    I know it was in really bad shape but it got even worse in delivery.  The balance wheel/hand wheel broke in delivery.

It is missing its needle plate and feed dogs, now has a broken hand wheel, it is VERY rusty and I love it!

It was made as an industrial machine so it is heavy (55 pounds) and huge!    There is 10.5 inches between the needle and the column, by comparison my favorite Singer 15 is 7 1/2 inches ….when I get it cleaned up and functioning it will be great for quilting….all that space in the harp will be a real luxury.
So I spent some time working on getting the first layers of rust and gunk off of it.

I have a lot of cleaning to do yet but I have ordered the parts I need to fix it up.  It will be a while before they arrive but I am excited about it.   Now that I have the machine I can work on getting a top made for a treadle base to fit it.    It will need a much larger opening than a standard Singer machine.  I’ll take a picture soon of a full sized Singer 15 next to this one so you can see how large it is.

Teddy is really not that impressed with it….but he is always ready to pose.


Next time pictures of the finished tree 🙂

Happy Quilting