More quilting and gardening


We actually had a little rain the last few days and the garden appreciated it  (click pictures to enlarge)

Hand Quilting continues

I finished the Double Irish Chain Quilt

Another video of how I finished it shows how to do the knife edge binding

(some people have been having trouble with the sound and I am sorry about that, I am doing the best I can with the cameras that I have……all I can suggest is to turn up the volume as high as it goes, YouTube adds closed captioning but I have noticed that what they have is very strange and often very different from what I am actually saying)

Here is the previous part

Happy Quilting



Double Irish Chain


I posted a few days ago about the quilt I put in the frame for basting.


I pin basted it in the frame and then took it out to machine quilt it on my treadle

I had a few questions about how the frame worked and how to do the set up so next time I do this I will take pictures to show the process.

Here is a picture that shows the rails on the frame.


I got some of the treadle quilting done.


And did a video about that part of it.

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I am trying out something new.  I am basting a quilt using my hand quilting frame.   I loaded the quilt like I would for hand quilting but I will pin baste it in the frame then take it out for quilting.


I have a book cover in progress with the Singer 15


And I had Teddy do a check on the Rose Quilt


Click on pictures to enlarge

Happy Quilting


Scrappy Wonky Quilt Finished


I finished up the hand quilting and binding on the scrappy 1900 quilt.


I left the edges wonky rather than trying to square it up and have to cut off a lot of fabric.    My goal with this was to make it look like it was all made by the same person. I imagined how the person who made the top might do the quilting and I figured they would be as unconcerned for uniformity in the quilting as they were in the piecing so the quilting is intentionally irregular.
Here are some more pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

I made a video of how I did the binding. (Teddy makes an appearance)

And here are some more pictures of the garden today

Happy Quilting

hand quilting


I have made some progress on the hand quilted scrappy quilt.   The top was made in about 1900 and was not well made at all.   the seams are all variable in size and it was not flat or square.   I am quilting it in a way that will go with the top…..wonky .   I have to admit that it is not all that easy for me to be intentionally wonky but I think the result fits well with the top.

DSCN0674 DSCN0673 DSCN0675

Teddy thinks I am crazy…I can tell by the look


I also did a few more books on my treadle …here they are front and back


I’m planning to get the scrappy quilt finished this week.

Happy Quilting





We have had a few short rain showers the last few days and the flowers appreciate it! (click pictures to enlarge)

I made another Journal

DSCN0654 DSCN0658

Now back to work on hand quilting……almost at the half way point on this one.


Happy Quilting




Out of the frame


I decided that in order to get this quilt finished faster I needed to take it out of the frame and do the quilting in a hoop.

DSCN0618 DSCN0619

It is going much faster now and I will now be able to use the large floor frame for basting quilts.

Teddy wanted to have his picture taken as he does every time I have the camera out.    He doesn’t understand the concept of video….he just knows how to sit still and look good.

I did a tree book cover with just quilting


more hand quilting next time

Happy Quilting