Singer VS2 running

I got the old Singer running…..

and I found some pictures of one from an old auction record

That helped to know what I needed to look for in the top and base.

I found a top that is in very bad shape but it is the same as this pictures above so I ordered it and will work on restoring it.

I also found a few bases but have not decided if I want to buy one ( the top will fit on one of my existing bases)
anyway this 18 dollar machine has the potential of being very expensive!

here is a longer video I did

I will post some more pictures when I get it all cleaned up and put together….
I did try some Free Motion quilting on it and it works great!

Happy Quilting


I worked some more on the Blue tree quilt.    I took a break from quilting to start on the painting.    I am using acrylic paint and water……I am not worried about a fabric medium since this is a wall hanging and will not need to stand up to washings.

I have a lot of painting to go and a lot of quilting.   This is the small practice version (30″ x 45″)

the bigger one is 60″ square and I will start that soon.

Here is a tour of the garden today (click pictures to enlarge)

I got the old singer stitching beautifully!   I will show you that next time.
Happy Quilting


1887 Singer

I went antique shopping today and even though I really didn’t plan on another sewing machine project I came home with one.

This was made in 1887 and it really is not in the best shape, but for 18 dollars I had to save it.

At some point in its life someone decided to re paint it ……you can see all the black paint on things that should not be painted.

The paint didn’t stick so well to the decals so a lot of it rubbed off, but the decals really are pretty much destroyed and trying to get the paint off without further damage is not easy.    I have done some work on it.

I think I have it in working order (I need to put in a needle and give it a test) but it still needs a lot of cleaning.    I am thinking about doing a total refinish since it is in such bad shape.   That would include striping and repainting and new decals.    I have not done that before because I usually thing it is better to embrace the age.   What do you think?


I did some of the quilting on the tree but needed to take a break to rest my hands.

I’ll get back to that soon

Happy Quilting




Practice tree

I decided to do a practice tree before I do the full sized version.   This one is bout 30″ x 60″.   I want to see how the thread looks with the fabric and how the details show.    I am just getting started using black thread

I will post some pictures as soon as I get a bit more done.

I got the binding finished on this little leather wall quilt. (18″ x 25″)


It is too hot an humid today to work in the garden but it sure needs to have some weeds pulled!

Teddy doesn’t want to learn how 😦

Happy Quilting


Tree Man

I was planning to get one of those beautiful dyed panels marked for quilting this weekend but I got sidetracked with a new idea.    I was working through my pile of fabric and came across this very dark blue upholstery fabric that is 60 inches wide and decided to cut a 60 inch square to save out for making a quilt (I bought it for purses).    Well I couldn’t help myself and I got to work on a design.

I drew this on with chalk (the chalkboard kind).    It is just to get the basic design onto the fabric , the chalk just rubs off which makes the drawing easier so I can easily erase.   Once I am happy with the design I will go back with a white wash away marker and re-mark it.    The white marker won’t rub off like the chalk so I wont loose all my lines when I start quilting it.

I finished the quilting on another small leather quilt (18×24)  I call it “some things bug me”

I got a new to me machine a few weeks ago and I gave it a tune up (it was totally frozen up ).
It is a Singer 401a and it is a great machine.

And here are more garden pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

And Teddy

Happy Quilting!




I have been working on a few new things.   This green leather wall hanging is nearly done, I just need to add the binding.

Here is a preview of the next one.

I am planning to start a new quilt.   It will be similar to the peacock quilt.

I have 3 more fabric panels that were hand dyed by my friend Debra Linker.

Remember being a kid and looking up at the clouds and trying to decide what the shapes looked like?   These fabric panels are much the same…..I stare at them and see different shapes……I have to decide what shape I want to use as the quilting design.   I will be basting one of them this weekend and marking it for quilting so I will post some pictures of what I decided.

I did a video of how I quilted this bag.

It is about an hour long so watch when you have some extra time.

and here is Teddy saying “time to water”

and some more garden photos

4th of July Weekend

I know it is the 4th of July weekend because the back yard is full of fireflies tonight.   They almost always start to really show up in my neighborhood this weekend.    There are always a few before but so many more now.   I  have tried getting pictures but my camera doesn’t want to cooperate.

I spent a few hours in the garden weeding and since the rain this year seems to always pass my garden by I had to water.   I can hardly wait to see my water bill.

Lately I have only been quilting bags but this weekend I decided to do a few wall hangings (or shall I be so bold as to call them art quilts?).  They are for sale

The purple one is leather and the blue is suede.

I need to organize my studio.    Want to see what it looks like when I get too busy to clean?

Teddy doesn’t seem to interested in learning to clean.

Napping is his specialty 🙂

Maybe I will get some time this week to get some cleanup done.

Have a safe and Happy 4th
Happy Quilting