Whole Cloth AAQI Quilt…and a blast from the past

Yesterday I posted about the quilting that I am doing on the vintage/antique log cabin quilt.  While I was doing that quilting I started thinking again about making a whole cloth quilt. I have been wanting to tackle one for a long time and what has been the barrier is that I just can’t stand marking!  I am just not accurate at all. Almost all of my sewing is done without a pattern , seam allowances are done by eye, I use my arm for a yard stick, I use kitchen bowls for templates.  Yesterday the light went on, I can do a whole cloth quilt without the traditional perfectly symmetrical and geometric marking.

I grabbed a hunk of muslin off the pile and a scrap piece of wool batting and made a little quilt sandwich.  With a wash away marker I drew a 9″ x 12″ rectangle (AAQI quilts need to be that size) and a quick outline of a few leaves and a stem.

I used a #12 needle and coats cotton thread (because that is what was right at hand)  and a few hours later here is what I had

I used some colored pencil to lightly shade the design…but if you look at the back it really didn’t need the shading to show the quilting

Next time I will use a different muslin.  The one has a pretty high thread count, 200 I think) and it is not as easy to quilt, but I still got some nice little stitches

I should have put something in the picture to show scale but to give you an idea this leaf is 2″ wide.

I need to bind this little quilt and send if off to AAQI.  I think it is a great way to try out something new….make a little sample and make that into a little quilt for a good cause.

I got another new quilt top…I’m thinking it is from the 70’s

There is a great variety of vintage and bold fabrics, a few poly, cotton, poly blends, double knits, all kinds of fun stuff.  See the pictures below (click to enlarge)

Happy Quilting