Double T blocks

I recently got an email from  Teri in Richland MI.  Teri’s son has an antique store and had a pile of double t blocks that weren’t selling….do I want them?
How could I pass that up?  What a great gift…Thanks again Teri!!

So here they are….

t blocks 008

I am not sure this will be the setting I use but here they are spread out on a vintage piece of fabric.  I would guess them to be from the 1880-90 era and the fabrics mostly very stable…click pictures to enlarge

Teddy approves

t blocks 028

I will be putting them together into a top soon (famous last words)

I have another great gift quilt top from another reader that I will post about next time… don’t want to miss it…it is super!

and now for another snowflake

here is the pattern

snowflake 12-3-13

this pattern is for a standard 8.5 inch piece of paper

here is the progress

t blocks 001 t blocks 002 t blocks 003 t blocks 004 t blocks 005

Happy Quilting






Cheddar piecing

Remember these Cheddar blocks?


I decided to take a break from quilting for a while and work on getting these antique blocks pieced together.  I have half of them together.  when I get them all pieced I will add a border and I will be one step closer to another quilt.

Here are some pictures of the progress and some close-ups of the great fabrics!  I love the secondary pattern that the cheddar and muslin create. (click to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


New Vintage Quilt top

I got another one!  This one is 72″ x 86″ and is both machine and hand stitched.  I love the colors and the fabrics.  I think this one calls for some very simple hand quilting.  I think this will become a quilt that gets used a lot.  It is not anything super special in age or rarity, but it call my name and said “buy me”  and for $15 I could not say no.

Here are some pictures

I also bought a lot of 8 antique quilt blocks, they are 26″ square.  I just ordered them so they have not arrived yet but here is a preview.


I will do a full post about these blocks and some history about the pattern and what my plan for them is when the blocks arrive…..stay tuned

Meanwhile I am back to work on my whole cloth quilt


Happy Quilting


More Quilt Blocks…Cheddar, Madder and Old.

I got another lot of quilt blocks that I won on eBay.


I love these blocks!  The fabrics are beautiful. I would place the date between 1860 and 1880.  If you look at some of the fabrics you can see that they were once purple.  Fugitive purple dyes used at the time tend to turn a grey brown over time, but some retain a purple cast.


The hand piecing is expertly done.


If I set the blocks together It will be something like this


I could set them on point


I can not find this block in any of my books (it seems so simple and yet I can’t find it) so I am unsure of how it would be traditionally set.  If I set it on point I get a lot of room to quilt!

Here are a bunch of pictures so you can see the fabrics.

Happy Quilting


Piecing and Layout

On Sunday I posted about an antique quilt block that I wanted to use as an inspiration for a new quilt.

On Monday I posted about how I drafted the pattern and showed the reproduction fabrics from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum that I plan to use.

The fabrics are available from the RMQM here.

I couldn’t wait to try one block, here is the antique and the reproduction

With all those great fabrics I wanted to mix them up within the block and go for a scrappy look.  The question now is how will they look set together.  I can see the layout in my head but I can’t post that so I cropped a picture of the block …

and then put several of the pictures together

There is some distortion in the picture so they don’t line up perfectly but you can get an idea of the layout I am going for.

This picture is only one block repeated over and over so the fabrics are not as random as the actual quilt will be, I have 3 more greens and 3 more double pinks to add to the mix and I think that will make it better.

Now the first block done my challenge will be to finish up a few other quilts before I plow ahead with this one!

Happy Quilting


Tree of Temptation Pattern

I recently purchased a vintage  pattern and some fabric for a tree of Temptation quilt.

The pattern was published in 1929 by Capper’s Weekly Quilt Block service.

The first paragraph reads as follows:

I know you remember the “forbidden fruit tree” in the garden of Eden.  This is a block designed to represent that tree.  the original block was designed 85 years ago, and is made up of small, brightly colored pieces which represent the tempting fruit. When I look at this pattern I have visions of one made up in browns and yellows to fit into the color scheme of my room, and I envy you women with the leisure to make your dreams come true.

The pattern was published in 1929 (83 years ago) and they say it was designed 85 years before that…so by my math that makes the pattern 168 years old (designed in 1844).

The pattern came with the templates cut from cardboard

and the printed pattern

and a bag of pieces cut to make the blocks

they are small!

I think that after cutting them out she decided that it might be too much work to finish….there are a lot of pieces in each block!

267 to be exact…and the block finished at 16 inches square.

Here is a pdf of the pattern  Click here tree of temptation

I have not been able to find a finished example of this quilt but I did find a few tree pattern quilts on the quilt index that are similar

these are similar but don’t have nearly as many pieces.

I don’t know if I will ever have the ambition to finish this project that was started so long ago…all those pieces are pretty intimidating.  If I do I think it will need to be a long-term project

for now I am going back to hand quilting

Happy Quilting


Gift Blocks

Barbara Wells, a regular reader, recently asked me if I would like some antique blocks that she had been saving for a number of years.  Of course I wanted them!  And what great blocks they are!  Thank you so much Barbara!!  They came a few days ago  and I got the chance to take some pictures today.

Also included with the blocks was the beautiful blue fabric that the blocks are shown on here.  These blocks are in such great shape and will make a beautiful quilt!…thanks again Barbara….check back for progress.

I also got another project in the mail yesterday…(this one I had to pay for  😦  )

It is a beautiful quilt top…I think about 1900 or so.  The problem with this one is the color bleeding.

I normally do not wash antique tops before I quilt them.  I believe that the quilting actually strengthens the fabric.  The more delicate antique fabric is attached to the new backing and batting….making it stronger and able to stand up to the washing machine.  In this case I think I will soak it and try to get most of the bleeding removed and then quilt.

I will post some pictures of that process soon

(I just realized that this is my 250th post)

Happy Quilting