If you have been following for a few years you might remember these blocks.

antique red applique blocks 008

They were cut out and basted about 100 years ago and one has the applique started.

antique red applique blocks 005

Here they are set on point.

applique on point 001

I am not sure how I will end up setting them but I needed a break from hand quilting so I decided to start the applique


I am not very good at needle turn applique but I am getting better……one block done.


here is the back


It is going to be a pretty quilt when it is finished but I don’t expect the finish to be very soon 🙂

I try to remember every year to write a note about Poinsettias.   My first job was at a greenhouse growing them and I did an internship in college at a poinsettia farm in CA.       Poinsettias are not poisonous   here are a few links to articles about it.

And they are very pretty.  Here is one I bought this year.

DSCN8655 DSCN8654 DSCN8653

Teddy says HI


Happy Quilting


Red and White Applique Blocks

Today I got a group of antique quilt blocks from eBay.  It is difficult to date the blocks because the fabric is  solid red and white.  Printed fabrics are much easier to date based on the design.  These I will just call old.

The blocks are not completed.  The pieces were cut out and basted to the squares, but I will need to do the applique.  You may remember that I hate to applique….but I could not resist these blocks!

One of the blocks has the applique started.

antique red applique blocks 005

The seller was selling them individually, but I bought all they had.  I got a total of 13. Each block is 18″ square

Here is how they look if I set them 3 x 4

antique red applique blocks 001

and here is how they look if I set them on point and use all 13.

applique on point 002

Either was  think I will make a border to coordinate with the design.  I can not find a name for the design but I will keep looking.

The seller also sent 2 additional blocks

antique red applique blocks 003antique red applique blocks 004

These will go into another project some day.

Here are a bunch of pictures of them all (click to enlarge)

Of course I will hand quilt this when all the applique is done….but that will be a while yet!

Happy Quilting


Solomon’s Temple Blocks

Today I started cleaning a set of antique quilt blocks.   The pattern is Solomon’s Temple. You can see the post about them here


They are pretty dirty, and I want to get them cleaned up a bit before I sew them together .  I always wash my quilts when I am done hand quilting them, and I wanted to be sure they wouldn’t bleed so a rince before I start is a good idea.   I use hot water and Synthrapol

solomon's temple-cleaning 008

a soak in this and then a good rinse in cold water and then I press them flat and dry.

solomon's temple-cleaning 004

solomon's temple-cleaning 001

I have 8 done so far

solomon's temple-cleaning 006

look at the water

solomon's temple-cleaning 007

Glad that I decided to take the time to do it!  It also makes working with the old fabric a lot easier to get it rinsed.  100 years ago when these were being pieced together and pressed the maker used starch (that is not uncommon) and that makes the fabric stiff….and the old starch really holds on to dirt!  with the starch and dirt rinsed out they become much easier to work with.

The blocks are pretty impressive to me because of the very small pieces

solomon's temple-cleaning 005

each 10″ block is made up of 97 pieces!

these are pretty scrappy blocks but the maker kept with the basic color arrangement on each block.  Here is one that I drew up and added some colors and one of the real blocks to compare.

solomon block solomon's temple-cleaning 001

When you put the blocks together you get a great secondary pattern

king Solomon's Temple-layout

it looks as if there are 2 different blocks that make up the quilt.

I will need to add a border to make it full sized….or maybe just leave it small and call it a lap quilt.

Happy quilting


Blazing Star quilt top

I finished the Blazing star quilt top today.  I will still need to add some borders, but the hard part is done.  These are the  antique blocks before piecing together.


At one time before I got these blocks they were all sewn together.  I have wondered why someone took the time to take them all apart but when I started working on them I knew why.  They were not well made, and that means that they were not all the same size and they were not flat.  I had to make a lot of adjustment in the seam allowances in order to get the points on the stars to match up.

Blazing Star Pieced 005

I had to draw a line from point to point to see where the seams should actually be.

Blazing Star Pieced 003

sometimes it meant a very large seam allowance and sometimes it meant a very small one.

Blazing Star Pieced 001

The wavy blocks added to the challenge.

Blazing Star Pieced 007

So I also had a lot of easing to do in order to make them fit together.  I did this all by hand because I have a lot more control that way.

The pattern of the blocks is called Blazing Star (as well as many many other names)

Blazing Star

I will need to decide on a border fabric for this.  The top is about 60 X 75 now and I would like to bring it up to full size with borders.

I think I will look for a red and a cheddar or maybe something to match the teal centers.

The white squares formed where the blocks come together will be great areas for some fancy quilting!

here are some more pictures

Happy Quilting


A Few Updates

Earlier I posted about finishing the cheddar quilt top

antique Cheddar Quilt top

I neglected to add some close up pictures of the border fabric.   I got a new camera today and I have been having new camera issues but I got a few pictures of the border fabric.

010 005

It is hard to tell from the pictures but the grayish looking fabric is more a lavender gray and the design is cheddar and madder.  I am trying to learn how to get accurate color with the new camera but I need to learn the new settings.

Teddy (who is in great need of a bath and grooming) was a good model for trying out the camera, as was my whole cloth quilt….I will get it figured out soon….but here are some “test” pictures (click to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


Cheddar Top Finished

I finished piecing the antique Cheddar blocks.  I had 40 blocks and I wanted to use every one of them.  After a lot of thought I decided to do them in a 6 x 6 layout and then use the extra 4 blocks in the border on the corners.  I wanted to make them into a full-sized quilt so the borders are big. That leaves me a lot of room for hand quilting and I think it will look great on a bed.  I had some reproduction fabric that blended well with the blocks so I didn’t have to buy anything new.

I hand pieced the blocks together because the blocks were all hand pieced and they were not all exactly the same size.  I find it easier to make them fit together by hand.  I did machine stitch the final border.  I need to give it a good pressing (I hate pressing!!) then it is ready to quilt.

Here are some pictures (click to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


Antique Pomegranate Quilt Blocks

My Antique Pomegranate quilt blocks arrived today.  There are 8 blocks and they are 26″ square.

The centers are pieced, the little hexagons that make up the centers are 1 inch.  The orangey brown was once red and the teal was likely more green.  I think They date from about 1880 based on the pattern and fabrics, and similar quilts I found.  The are from Texas.  They have a Pennsylvania Dutch feel to them similar to “Hex Signs”  (click picture to go to a hex sign site)

however a very similar pattern, #14.847 in Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Applique is from Tennessee.  And this quilt from the quilt index is from North Carolina. (click picture to go to the full record)

Here is a very similar quilt from the Benton County Historical Society and Museum (click picture to go to the museum site)

Appliqué & pieced pomegranate wheel pattern

I think the quilting on this one is amazing! And I plan to use my blocks to make a similar quilt.

Here are some pictures of the blocks (click to enlarge)

I will need to find some fabric to use for the border that will coordinate.  I know I won’t be able to find a match, but I want to find something close.  I have a million projects in line so I don’t know when I will get to this one but I love the blocks.  I do plan to draft a pattern from them and some day might make a new quilt with this block.

I added more quilts to my Etsy store.  I now have 5 for sale See them here

Happy Quilting