Late summer garden, and an interview

I took some pictures of the garden today.  I  seem to begin to overlook it at this time of year, but it is still full of blooms….and bees!

Click pictures to enlarge

and here are some pictures of demos from floral design class…the first 3 designs are by Cindy Ching

And when I was at AQS in Grand Rapids I was interviewed by Bonnie Browning…here is the interview

Happy Quilting and happy Gardening



So many quilts So little time

I sometimes think that I will never finish another project…I just have too many that I want to work on and I move from project to project without finishing….look at my pile of in progress quilty things.

Here is the good news.  I am almost done with the Pyramids quilt…I think I have one or 2 days work left on it.  Then I can perhaps get the pile organized before I start another (or not).

I have a new backing fabric that I picked up at AQS on the last day I was there.


Great big batik  (108″ x 108″) from SewBatik  I have no idea what I will use it for , I am toying with the idea of a whole-cloth quilt but I don’t know if this will be used for that or not. I don’t know if Batik is a good fit for an antique quilt top so I think I will use it for something that I make new.

I also bought some thread (YIL) at AQS and posted about it here….Ginny read the post and graciously offered to send me some hand quilting thread that she was not using….

it came in the mail a few days ago

Thanks Ginny!!!  great colors that I know I will be able to put to good use….

They sent my quilt back home and also sent me this


I have to sew this on to the quilt soon or I will lose it in the hoard of tops and parts!

They also sent information for next year…and I am giving some thought to what I might want to do for that.  There really is not a category for what I do most;  Time Span Quilts….quilts made from old blocks or tops and finished years later by another quilter.  So I will have to think about making a quilt all new…Perhaps I will make one based on an antique…or perhaps that is the place for a whole cloth?  First I have to get back to work and finish the pyramids.

Happy Quilting