Quilting started

I started the quilting on the fruit basket quilt.   I used unbleached muslin for the backing fabric and Hobb’s Tuscany Wool batting.

Each basket block has 37 pieces so there are a lot of seams to quilt through!  It is harder to quilt through seams because of the additional layers of fabric.  It is easier for me to sew through all those seams with a larger needle.  I am using a #9 between needle and thick thread and larger stitches.  The wool batting is providing a nice loft and the fan design shows up very well.

Click Picture to enlarge

Lots of quilting to go , but so far I like it!

Happy Quilting


Back to work

I haven’t done much hand quilting the last few days but I am getting back to it today. (click pictures to enlarge)

More pictures as soon as I make some progress

Happy Quilting


My Quilting is not always fast

I have been trying to get some quilting done on the quilt frame.  Yesterday I only got 1 threaded needle used up.  Someone (Teddy) does not like it when I work on the frame.  He thinks something is wrong because I have my back to him, and we are not in the room he thinks we should be in.  He wants things to always be the same and thinks that it is his job to make me go back to the hoop where he expects me to be. He also thinks he is in charge of the house which I guess in some ways he is.

Here he is wearing the winter coat I made for him. (no he isn’t spoiled 🙂 )


I might try to move the frame away from the wall so I can face out and see if that makes him more happy.  Be that as it may this is all I have done so far.

002 001

I am just doing very simple fans, with no marking so they are a free form pattern that I think goes with the top.  Some day it will be done.

Teddy Is a lot happier when I work on the whole cloth quilt.  I think he wants me to finish it so I can enter it into AQS in Grand Rapids.  Here are pictures of the progress on that quilt. (click to enlarge)

So quilting is not always fast, but it is always fun!

Happy Quilting


Quilting Frame learning

I got a quilt on the new frame.  I decided on one of my smaller tops.  I bought this one from Bill Volckening  At Wonkyworld.

It is an early 20th century top, machine pieced, with an interesting variety of fabrics.   It is not totally flat or square so that made it a bit of a challenge to load onto the frame.  The instructions don’t include how to work around irregularities but I think I have that worked out now. Almost all the quilting I do is vintage and antique tops and they are never square or totally  flat so this will be the case with most of the quilts that end up on the frame. you can see that it is not flat in the frame but it will not be a problem to “quilt out” the bumps.

Here are a few pictures of the top. (click to enlarge)

Since the top is very Free-form I decided to do quilting that is also Free-form.  I am doing a Baptist Fan/ elbow quilting, with no marking just quilting as I go by eye.  I only have a bit of it done but now that I started it wont be long before I get carried away and quilt like mad.  I just have to remember to keep working on a few of the others that are started as well!

Anyway here is the start. (click pictures to enlarge)

I will post again about the progress, and the batting, and the thread, and the needles, etc soon, but for now back to work.

Happy Quilting