I finished the hex quilt.

Here it is after the quilting was finished.


Next I trim off the extra batting and backing.


I cut the binding on the bias.  I never trust my math so I test the fit before sewing it on.


I sew it on to the front then turn it to the back and hand stitch it. Then Teddy checks it ūüôā


Here it is finished before washing.


I always wash finished quilts.    I get them dirty as I work on them and I like the feel and look of a washed quilt better.  They are softer and drape better and they look more inviting to me.    For this quilt I tried a new (to me) batting.    Hobbs Tuscany Wool cotton blend


I don’t follow the washing instructions (rebel quilter) .


It says to use cold water and to dry flat.¬†¬† I used warm water and dried in the dryer.¬†¬† Why?¬†¬† It is so much easier to use the machine.¬†¬†¬† I actually don’t mind if they shrink….I like the crinkles that causes.¬†¬†¬†¬† the quilt finished at 64″ x 84″ before washing and it is 60″ x 80″ after washing and drying, about 5% shrink.

Here it is after washing and drying.


I did the hand quilting with Perle cotton thread in assorted colors.


Here is a post about how I do big stitch quilting

Here are a few closer pics of the quilting.

DSCN8186 DSCN8189 DSCN8188 DSCN8187

I plan to hang this one so I will need to add a hanging sleeve but other than that it is time to go back to some of the other unfinished quilts in the line.

Happy Quilting




Thanks to everyone for your concern about my sore back.¬† I am feeling much better.¬†¬†¬†¬† I have been taking it easy and as I said in the previous post I have only been working on an easy quilt.¬†¬† The big stitch quilting with perle cotton thread and a large needle goes fast and doesn’t need to be as accurate.¬† I am doing it in a hand held hoop which makes it better for the back.¬†¬† When I quilt in a frame or a hoop on a stand I tend to lean forward and it puts strain on my lower back.¬† With the hand held I can pull it up closer to myself and sit straight.¬†¬† I still prefer the frame/hoop stand but I am looking into a batter chair to use so the height is better

I have made a lot of progress, I should be able to finish in a few days and be back to work on other things.

Teddy has been keeping  an eye on me while I work.


Here is the hoop I am using.   It is a no brand inexpensive 18 inch wooden hoop from a garage sale.


Here is the quilt without the hoop.


And Teddy checking my work


Here is the back….I made the backing with the lighter colored leftovers from the top.


I am close to the end so Next time I hope to have the finished quilt to show.

Happy Quilting



Some Big Stitch Quilting

I started hand quilting the top I made over the weekend.  I am using #8 Finca Perle cotton thread and a Big Stitch needle.  I used purple backing fabric and Hobbs Tuscany Cotton batting

I started in the center of the quilt and using the edge of the hoop as a guide I quilted a circle and then kept going around making a spiraling circle.


There is about an inch of space between rows but I am not measuring anything for this quilt.¬†¬†¬† The piecing is rather random and I didn’t want the quilting to be “perfect” …I want some irregularity which I think fits better with the top.

The hoop is 22 inches across so the circles are quite large.


It is hard to quilt right up to the edge of the hoop so there is a space along the outside edge.

The circles will then overlap a bit as I add more.

Here you can see how the second circle overlaps the first.


and the next overlaps the first two



I have had questions about Big Stitch quilting.¬†¬† You may find some rules for big stitch quilting if do a Google search but I don’t do “rules”.¬† For me there is no correct stitch count or spacing to be concerned with.¬†¬† If you like the way it looks it is correct.¬† One way to look at it is that since the thread is much larger (thicker) than normal hand quilting thread you will need to use a much larger needle to get it threaded.¬†¬† Bigger thread and bigger needle naturally makes for bigger stitches but it might be better described as “Big Thread” quilting.¬†¬† On some quilts I have done 8 or 9 stitches per inch and this one is more like 5.¬† for me the size of the stitch is determined by how I want it to look.

So back to the quilt.  Here is what I have done so far.


here is the back



(don’t worry about those wrinkles on the back….I almost never press the backing first….after it is quilted and washed and dried you wont see them)

It goes pretty fast, but don’t get hung up on speed.¬†¬† Relax and make stitches that you like the look of no matter how fast or slow they happen.¬†¬†¬† If you like the look of more uniform stitching go ahead and mark the top.¬† for a more “relaxed” look go ahead and do it by eye.


I hope you give it a try.

Happy Quilting



Easter Stripe Quilt Started

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that I could not wait to start quilting the Easter Stripe quilt.  Once I got the thread I just had to see what it looked like.

First I had to layer the quilt.¬† For backing I am using unbleached muslin.¬† It is 90″ wide so I can use just one piece…no seam.

I tack the backing to the floor using thumb tacks…(masking tape is safer for your floor and also works)

easter strip quilting start 001

Many people have commented that there are better ways to do the basting so you don’t have to be on the floor but I find this method works best for me.¬† I can get the entire job done in about 30 min.

After the backing pinned down I lay out and smooth the batting.  I am trying Mountain Mist Cream Rose cotton batting.

easter strip quilting start 002

Next I lay down the top and smooth it out…

easter strip quilting start 003

Next I add the safety pins….I used one pin at the intersection of each block and a few more around the border¬† Very few pins by some peoples standard ( some people will pin every 6″) but I don’t like to use a lot¬† The layers are held together the backing was very tight and smooth as was the top and batting so I don’t need a million pins, the layers aren’t going to slip apart;

easter strip quilting start 004

Ready to quilt!  I found *3 Perle cotton thread on line

this n that 002

I am using an embroidery needle and the stitches are at about 6 per inch.¬† I honestly don’t care how many stitches there are per inch…I care how they look.¬† My goal is for them to be even and neat.¬† I only count stitches so I can give you and Idea of scale.

easter strip quilting start 005

The quilting is going well.  I like the is easy to quilt through.

The quilting is going pretty fast.

easter strip quilting start 007 easter strip quilting start 006

The quilting simply follows the piecing..just inside the seam allowances , this way I don’t have to quilt through any seams.

If I stick to it this quilt won’t take very long to finish.

I might get Teddy to help

easter strip quilting start 009

Happy Quilting


I forgot to mention that I added some quilts for sale to my Etsy store

Corduroy Quilt Finished

After a few days of vacationing, I got back to work on quilting and finished up the Corduroy quilt.    I had a great time visiting Mackinac Island.  Here is the last picture I took.  Mackinac Bridge viewed from the parking area at the ferry dock.

corduroy quilt finish 002

After I got home I needed to get back to quilting, I spent most of the day on Monday finishing up the hand quilting.  Here it is all quilted waiting to be bound.

corduroy quilt finish 003 corduroy quilt finish 004 corduroy quilt finish 005

Here is the back.

corduroy quilt finish 006 corduroy quilt finish 007

To bind this one I decided to use the backing fabric.  In order to do that I cut the backing fabric 2 inches wider than the top, and trimmed off  the batting the same size as the top.

corduroy quilt finish 008

I then  folded the 2 inch overhanging  backing fabric in half and pressed in a crease.

corduroy quilt finish 009

then folded that over to the front and pressed again …adding pins.

corduroy quilt finish 010

I machine stitched it down from the top.

corduroy quilt finish 011

I have done this by hand for some “fancier” quilts, but machine stitching seemed fine for this one.

Here it is after binding

corduroy quilt finish 012 corduroy quilt finish 013 corduroy quilt finish 014

Next into the washing machine, gentle cycle, cold water, and regular detergent (Tide) and then into the drier, medium heat.  And here is the finished product.  (click Pictures to enlarge)

Finished size is 68″ x 74″

Now back to work on one of the others

Happy quilting


Corduroy Quilt Day 3

I have done some more work on the corduroy quilt.  I must say it takes some hand strength, but I love the results.

(Click pictures to enlarge)

Last night I taught the students about asymmetry and asymmetrical balance …here are some of the designs

Happy Quilting


More Corduroy Quilting

Corduroy  quilting continues. Corduroy top and backing, 80/20 cotton batting, perle cotton thread, hand quilted.    Here are some pictures front and Back (click pictures to enlarge)

Teddy has tested it out so I have his approval to continue.

Happy Quilting