A quilt with buttons

Lately I have been drawn to quilts that don’t fit into a specific pattern.   They aren’t as impressive as the intricately pieced quilts but something about them really draws me in.

I recently purchased a quilt top from eBay that I really find interesting

button quilt 001

I looks like it was made up of recycled clothing.  I can see old seam lines in the fabrics

button quilt 007

I think the overall design is very pleasing.  I like the colors and the rather modern feel.

Teddy was taking a nap….but he came to see what I was doing…

button quilt 010

here he is with bed face.

the simple design calls for simple quilting…I will hand quilt this in a random pattern (unless I change my mind with is NOT uncommon)

For now it will be added to the pile of tops that need to be cataloged and stored

button quilt 008

There is no chance I will ever run out of quilts to work on!!

I am also in the drafting stage for a small whole cloth quilt….It is hard to see the lines in the pictures but I will post about it when I get the design set.

button quilt 011

I am also adding new pictures to the Timquilts Facebook page.  I am always fascinated by quilt patterns so I am starting a series of them and adding to the Facebook page …here is a sample

suspension bridge layout

Happy Quilting