Shower curtain quilt

I replaced the shower curtain liner today and it seemed like a good time to take a few pictures of my shower curtain quilt.

My bathroom is all black and white so I thought i needed a bit of color so I made this quilt to use as a shower curtain.

I purchased the vintage quilt top at a little store in Lake Odessa MI.  I didn’t want to spend countless hours hand quilting (as I always do) for a shower curtain so I did machine quilting.  It was the first time I machine quilted so It was a bit strange and my quilting is not perfect by any means.

The quilt is on a separate shower rod from the liner

I added the loops to hang it and attached them with the binding.

I think the black binding is a good match for the quilt and the bathroom.

Another fun thing I did for the bathroom is change out the old vanity with an antique The I got at a store in Iowa.  Here is the one I used before refinishing

Here is how it looks in the bathroom after refinishing

The old furniture feels more at home in the old house than the cheap cabinet that it replaced. (sorry I didn’t take a picture before I tore out the old one)

So  the message for the day is that quilts can be used in EVERY room!

Happy Quilting