Garden pictures and a Wilcox and Gibbs Chain Stitch Machine

Since I started collecting sewing machines I have wanted a Wilcox and Gibbs chain stitch machine.     Around the new year my quilting friend Teddy Pruett was working on making room in her studio and had one to sell, which I was happy to buy!

Next I started looking for a treadle base for it, and I found one a few months ago…..and the last part was the wooden top which I found this week.

I got the three parts put together and made a video of how it works.

I also took a bunch of garden pictures this morning…and here they are (click pictures to enlarge)

I am in the middle of a few quilts right now so back to work.

Happy quilting


Hand quilting at the frame.

It rained last night.   A lot!   Pretty strong thunderstorms here in Lansing but other parts of Michigan were hit harder, hail and tornadoes.  Gardening in  wet soil is never a good thing because it compacts the soil so I decided to work indoors today.

It has been so long since I worked at the quilt frame that I really had to warm up.


The way I guilt I am most comfortable quilting away from myself and to the right (could be because I am left-handed).   In a hoop I simply turn the hoop to change directions but the frame is stationary so I have to change the direction I am quilting.    The result being that I was a bit slower until I got back into the rhythm.    I made my way across the frame once and cranked it up to the next area to quilt.


Teddy likes to sit in my chair when I get up.


It was sunny most of the day so the garden dried and I did some pruning and weeding.   Nothing like the piles of the new garden but it is always amazing to me how fast things grow,


Here are some garden pictures from this evening.  Click pictures to enlarge

Happy quilting


More trapunto and garden flowers

More progress on the trapunto…the center is nearly finished.   I have half of the deer and trees to finish and one corner of lattice and bells.


I have use 2 skeins of yarn so far.


I stuff it pretty tight so it takes a lot.

DSCN6956 DSCN6954 DSCN6953 DSCN6952

The garden continues to grow.    Here are a few pictures.   The roses are stating and the Lupine are really looking great.  (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy Quilting



I spent some time in the garden today.   I honestly was hoping that it would rain.   I know that would interfere with a lot of holiday plans but there were really no “April Showers”  this year and May has been just as dry.   It was however a great day to garden.

My garden is always a work in progress.    I could never be the gardener that gets a designer to plan the entire garden and plants it all at once.   Gardens evolve.  The plants tell me a lot about how happy they are where I have planted them.   If they aren’t doing well the get moved or removed and I try something else.   Each year I add more garden and have less grass.

In 2011 I posted all my garden pictures on a separate page.   It is fun to look back at how the garden has changed since then.   see that page here

I purchased a few new plants that went in today.


I moved a few roses because over time the spots they were in became shaded.

I had a robin right next to me while I was digging.  He was very interested in the worms I was unearthing.

DSCN6846 DSCN6828 DSCN6827

Teddy spent most of the time patrolling the yard


Here is the back yard.  (click pictures to enlarge)

The front garden is filling in.   Just  a few weeks ago it was pretty barren looking.

Back to work on all the quilt backlog 🙂

Happy Memorial Day


Look Through my Window

I was looking at some quilt blocks on the floor (my design area is the floor) and it occurred to me that I never remember to look out the window. (the window is on the second floor  and I have to look out and down to see the garden)   Earlier today we had a bit of a hail storm so when I looked out I was afraid that I might see all my flowers flattened.   Fortunately flowers a tough!

DSCN3514 DSCN3512

When I typed Look Through My Window the song by the Mamas and the Papas came to mind.


The blocks I was looking at are the blocks with the Interplay Fabrics

I have 8 of the 12 fabrics done and I should be done with the last 4 and ready to piece all the blocks together in a day or so.

DSCN3521 DSCN3520 DSCN3519 DSCN3517 DSCN3516 DSCN3511

For now back to hand quilting

Happy Quilting











Flowers and quilts

I am working on the border of the star quilt.


in the picture you can see the pencil I use to do the marking.  The pencil washes out pretty easily so when the quilt is done it goes into the washing machine and then the dryer.

I took a quilt break to go look at the garden….here are pictures of the garden today (click pictures to enlarge)

I made a few more blocks from the Interplay fabrics (see yesterdays post) and I decided to set 4 like blocks together



If I were to make a quilt with just these two fabrics it would look like this (I put this picture together by copying and pasting the block several times just to see what it would look like)


Back to work for me

Happy Quilting/Gardening



I have about 3/4 of the first block done in the Antique Applique quilt


So if it takes 3 days for one block…..20 blocks = 60 days and then there is the border which is equivalent to the area of the 20 blocks so another 60 days…so 120 days then I might add trapunto….several more days….and I will be working on other quilts at the same time…I can’t only work on one quilt for that long, I need to take a break and work on other things to keep fresh.   Anyway the message is that this is going to be a long-term project.

When I finish this block I plan to play with piecing a few vintage blocks for a change of pace.

The forecast for the next few days is for thunderstorms.   I got some yard work done today  and took some pictures again so here they are (click on picture to enlarge)

Happy Quilting/Gardening!