Happy New Year

The bad news is time flies…….the good news is you are the pilot

I plan to pilot my plane to positive places this year.

I am making some progress on the Rose quilt.      I washed it to get out all of my markings  (crayola washable markers all come out in the wash, gentle cycle warm water and Tide detergent) and hung it to dry…and now working on the fill quilting on the background.
A video of that coming soon but here are pictures.

dscn1681 dscn1682 dscn1683 dscn1684 dscn1685

Teddy is helping to hold it in place.
For new year I don’t usually make resolutions but I will make one this year…..I am going to finish this quilt!

I am also working on treadle quilting.

The new machine is fun.   Here is a video of quilting the feathers. There is no sound in the video but you can watch me make a feather on a singer 66 treadle.

Teddy tried to help but his feet don’t reach the treadle pedal.

Happy New Year

Happy Quilting




lots of feathers

I sometimes start a project without really thinking through how hard it will be.     A few days ago I showed the start of quilting on this quilt.


I didn’t think through how may of those triangles there are to quilt…….I have finished about 1/3


I think it is going to look good but didn’t turn out to be the quick project I anticipated.    It is good practice doing feathers without marking.

I am getting closer to the end on the flannel quilt.
DSCN9065 DSCN9064

Teddy is supervising from his chair


Happy Quilting