Quilting and Gardening

I have been working on quilting the fans quilt that I wrote about yesterday.  I always say to myself that I will keep it simple but then I get going on it and the quilt tell me otherwise.   Sounds strange but the quilt really does talk to me and tell me how to quilt it.

progress 5-29-13 001

gears start of quilting 5-29-13 009

The Garden is growing!  Had lots of rain the last few days and it is going to be in the 80’s today so things will be popping.

The Star today is this Iris!

garden 5-30-13 003 garden 5-30-13 004 garden 5-30-13 005

And the lilac is finally opening…not fully open yet but the yard sure smells good!

garden 5-30-13 001

garden 5-30-13 002

garden 5-30-13 011

Next to the lilac the Weigela (Weigela florida) ‘Wine & Roses’ just starting to bloom

garden 5-30-13 012

There are a few roses opening ( in a few days there will be lots!)

this is Cuthbert Grant

garden 5-30-13 026garden 5-30-13 020 garden 5-30-13 021

This is The Hunter

garden 5-30-13 007

I can not remember the name of this one (it is a David Austin) I will look it up and ID it next time I take a picture

garden 5-30-13 006

The Dogwood still has a few blooms

garden 5-30-13 009

Columbine are wanderers..they self seed everywhere

garden 5-30-13 010garden 5-30-13 008

The climber over the side gate is going to be full of blooms

garden 5-30-13 024

It is so large that it has caused the area below it to be a shade garden

garden 5-30-13 029

The ferns and hosta  are happy in the shade below the rose

garden 5-30-13 027 garden 5-30-13 028

the little puffy flower is a Meadow Rue that self seeded there.

The Peony are showing some color…

garden 5-30-13 014

And the Siberian Iris are bull of buds.

garden 5-30-13 015

There are Lupines in bloom

garden 5-30-13 016

and the Cushion Spurge still looks good

garden 5-30-13 013

The Common Thrift (Armeria maritima) is blooming

garden 5-30-13 025

And the front yard is growing

garden 5-30-13 022

Chives and flax

garden 5-30-13 023

And Teddy is inspecting the garden …smells like someone was here….

garden 5-30-13 017

Happy Gardening and Happy Quilting