I worked some more on the Blue tree quilt.    I took a break from quilting to start on the painting.    I am using acrylic paint and water……I am not worried about a fabric medium since this is a wall hanging and will not need to stand up to washings.

I have a lot of painting to go and a lot of quilting.   This is the small practice version (30″ x 45″)

the bigger one is 60″ square and I will start that soon.

Here is a tour of the garden today (click pictures to enlarge)

I got the old singer stitching beautifully!   I will show you that next time.
Happy Quilting



I have been working on a few new things.   This green leather wall hanging is nearly done, I just need to add the binding.

Here is a preview of the next one.

I am planning to start a new quilt.   It will be similar to the peacock quilt.

I have 3 more fabric panels that were hand dyed by my friend Debra Linker.

Remember being a kid and looking up at the clouds and trying to decide what the shapes looked like?   These fabric panels are much the same…..I stare at them and see different shapes……I have to decide what shape I want to use as the quilting design.   I will be basting one of them this weekend and marking it for quilting so I will post some pictures of what I decided.

I did a video of how I quilted this bag.

It is about an hour long so watch when you have some extra time.

and here is Teddy saying “time to water”

and some more garden photos

More Book Covers

I made a few more book covers to try out different fabrics.

This one a a faux suede upholstery fabric


this one is Batik


I like the suede look fabric…it is very thick but the treadle machine goes through it pretty well.     I think I’ll make a few more.

Teddy was guarding the garden today.


Doesn’t he look tough?

Here are some new garden pictures (click on pictures to enlarge)

Happy Quilting




Garden Tour

Teddy and I went for a walk in the garden tonight and Teddy helped me to decide what to photograph.



We took a lot of pictures (click on pictures to enlarge)

some quilting next time 🙂

Happy Friday


More piecing, garden pictures and a video

last time I posted about a new top I am making called “Table Scraps”


I did some more piecing on that.

I am using 2 inch strips


I sew together 6 and then cut into blocks


Stack up a few of them and then cut the other direction


then rearrange them


then sew them together.   once I have enough done I arrange them in the diamond shape


after they are sewn together I cut them again to be an accurate 45 degree diamond so they will all fit together to make a star


One of my fabric pieces was large enough to do a full diamond unpieced……I like the variety


2 more diamonds to go….I’ll probably piece them a bit differently…I’ll post pictures of that soon.

The finished star should be about 75 inches across and it will get a pieced scrappy border to make a finished quilt of about 85″ square

Today it finally rained……but you really can’t call it a real rain…just enough to get the grass damp and cause the humidity to go up to 90% . It has been so dry!   What we need is a good long all day rain!  I took a few garden pictures shortly after the rain.   (click pictures to enlarge)

I did another video of hand quilting….this one is quilting on an antique applique quilt.

Happy Quilting


Hand Quilting Progress

Teddy went to see the groomer and as soon as he got home he ran to my quilting chair and posed….he wanted to be sure he got his picture taken while he was looking good 🙂

DSCN0230 DSCN0225

I really do work on hand quilting for at least 4 hours a day.    Here are some progress pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

I took a few more garden pictures today

And I did video of Treadle quilting

Back to work

Happy quilting




Roses Blooming

I have some roses blooming in my garden today.

DSCN9958 (1)DSCN9979DSCN9964 (1)DSCN9941

A few warm days and everything takes off….. (click pictures to enlarge)

I got my little vegetable garden planted


And it looks like I have my work for tomorrow set.   Weeding!

I spent some time playing with a few old machines

DSCN9984 DSCN9983


I put the Franklin in the treadle to give it a try.   It is running great.    Franklin was a Sears brand and this one is a nearly exact copy of the Singer 27.

A few people have asked in my last few posts about my thread.   It isn’t on the thread spool pin on the top of the machine.    I usually use a thread cone stand.    But I have also made my own for the  treadle base I made.    I have a big nail on the back of the machine that the spool or cone of thread goes on  and I have a safety pin in the window frame behind the machine that the thread goes up to and through and then it goes into the thread guide on the machine. (if you look closely you can see the thread in these pictures.


I went “Great Lakes Art Works” , a local store in Old Town that is an artist owned collaborative promoting the work of local artists.  I had to buy this seam ripper (which is so cool I feel like I need to sew something wrong so I can use it)

DSCN9991 DSCN9989

It has been a long day and Teddy is ready to relax.

Happy quilting