Tree Man

I was planning to get one of those beautiful dyed panels marked for quilting this weekend but I got sidetracked with a new idea.    I was working through my pile of fabric and came across this very dark blue upholstery fabric that is 60 inches wide and decided to cut a 60 inch square to save out for making a quilt (I bought it for purses).    Well I couldn’t help myself and I got to work on a design.

I drew this on with chalk (the chalkboard kind).    It is just to get the basic design onto the fabric , the chalk just rubs off which makes the drawing easier so I can easily erase.   Once I am happy with the design I will go back with a white wash away marker and re-mark it.    The white marker won’t rub off like the chalk so I wont loose all my lines when I start quilting it.

I finished the quilting on another small leather quilt (18×24)  I call it “some things bug me”

I got a new to me machine a few weeks ago and I gave it a tune up (it was totally frozen up ).
It is a Singer 401a and it is a great machine.

And here are more garden pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

And Teddy

Happy Quilting!



“Quilt Talk”

I saw a post of Facebook today that reminded me about the Quilt Alliance auction for 2017.  The auction is to benefit the Quilt Alliance

The deadline is July 3rd so I had to get started on it today.       The theme this year is “voices”    and the quilts need to be 16 inches square.

Here is mine which I am calling “Quilt Talk”   (need to bind it yet)

This  is leather, quilted on the Singer 66 treadle.
In addition to an online display of the quilts, the collection will be exhibited at 2017 Alliance events, including the Not Fade Away conference on July 15 in Herndon, Virginia, the Quilters Take Manhattan fundraising event in New York City on September 19, and in the Alliance booth at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, November 1-4. Additional exhibit venues may also be added. All quilts will be auctioned online beginning November 13, 2017 to benefit the Quilt Alliance.   I’ll post a link for the auction when that is set to go ( there will also be online voting I think)

Teddy and I took some more garden pictures today . (click on pictures to enlarge)

Maybe tomorrow I will have time to start that new quilt I am planning .

Happy Quilting


More Garden Pictures

I have had a summer cold for the last few days and haven’t got a lot of quilting done.     I took some garden pictures this evening. (click pictures to enlarge)

Something quilty next time 🙂

Happy Quilting



I got the binding done


It it 75″ x 90″.   I think I’ll add a hanging sleeve and hang it in the living room for a while.

I am back to work on the peppered cotton quilt.


It is fighting me every step of the way.    All that quilting on the stripes is a lot harder than I thought it would be!

My entire garden smells like roses!

Here are a few more that are opening  (click pictures to enlarge)

Teddy says HI


Happy Quilting


Sunday Updates

I am almost done with this quilt.


Borders on 3 more sides yet to finish and then binding.

I switched to the Singer 127 because it so large and easier to fit a full-sized quilt under.

I worked on a Singer 15 today  and it is running great.    I had to adjust the height of the needle bar to make it work.


It is a very pretty machine and it makes a great stitch but the harp space (distance between the needle and the pillar)  is smaller so I wont be doing a lot of free motion quilting on it.

It rained this morning but cleared up this evening so I took some more pictures of the garden. ( I added captions but not I think it is too slow)

Happy Quilting


Hand quilting and more garden pictures

More hand quilting progress.    It is harder to do hand quilting when it is hot and humid but I did make some progress (click pictures to enlarge)

The garden changes daily at this time of year.    Here is an update video.    At some point I will figure out how to add captions to identify the flowers 🙂

Happy Quilting