Interplay Quilt Finish

On July 30 I started a new quilt.   I got a bundle of 12 fat quarters from P&B Textiles called Interplay.

DSCN3451 DSCN3457 DSCN3456 DSCN3454

You can see the post about the design and cutting the pieces here (

Here is the completed top on August 11.


I hand quilted it using size 8 perle cotton thread and a size 5 embroidery needle …black thread on the more solid fabrics and green on the prints.


I used Nature’s Touch cotton batting and black backing fabric.   I always pin baste and don’t use very many pins.


It is hard to see the pins in the picture but if you click on it to enlarge you can see safety pins in the corners of the blocks.

I finished the hand quilting yesterday.


and here is the back


I used the backing fabric for the binding as well.

Here it is after binding and washing and drying (by machine)



The finished size was 45″ x 60″ before quilting , washing and drying.   I will have to measure it again to see how much shrinkage there is but I always expect shrink …the cotton batting will shrink and cause a bit of a puckered look to the quilt which I love.  If you do not want shrink I would use poly batting.

Here are some more pictures of the finished quilt (click pictures to enlarge)

Teddy gave it the final sit test


and decided to relax on it

Last night I installed Electric Quilt software and thought I would give it a try with this quilt….sort of a backward approach since normally you start with a design and them make a quilt rather than start with a quilt and try to make a design to match but I think I am getting the hang of it.

Here is a picture of the design in EQ


Sort of fun to do!

Now back to work on the snowflake quilt


Happy Quilting




Home stretch

I am on the home stretch with the Interplay quilt.


When I get near the end on a quilt it becomes difficult for me to stop until it is done.   This past weekend I worked on it exclusively and I have only 2 corners left to go.

Teddy will be glad when I am done.


he gets a bit bored watching me quilt.

But he loves to get the chance to try out a quilt… he is testing the back.

DSCN3730 DSCN3729 DSCN3728

He approved it.  You can the unquilted corners better from the back.  The 2 corners on the left.


Back to work

Next time I hope to have pictures of the finished quilt.

I got new glasses on Saturday.   Bifocals …and I can actually see to quilt.  The old pair was not nearly strong enough so I was using drugstore readers.  Nice to not have to keep switching between different glasses.


Happy Quilting




Big and Small

I have been working on a few different hand quilting projects.   The quilting is very different!

The Interplay quilt is using A large size 5 embroidery needle and #8 perle cotton thread. (see this post for more about the Interplay quilt)


I have a few blocks done (click pictures to enlarge)

DSCN3667 DSCN3666 DSCN3665

here is the back (which is actually a black fabric but didn’t photograph well)


I am also working on the Snowflake Quilt (see this post for more on that)


For this quilt I am using Blue 40 weight cotton Presencia thread ( I buy it here) and a #11 John James between needle.

here you can see the difference between them


I am doing a lot of filling in on the snowflake quilt.


I start at the outside of each shape and then make row after row of addition stitches until the space is filled in.  here I am starting on the hearts.


I am removing my marking lines as I go using a q-tip and water.  Once all the quilting is done the entire quilt will be soaked in plain cold water to be sure that all the making ink comes out.   The water-soluble markers (I am using a clover marker) work great but I find that spraying and dabbing does not get out all of the ink and small amounts will come back unless it is thoroughly rinsed with lost of cold water. (no soap!)

As a reminder here is the snowflake the quilt is based on.


I posted a progress picture of it on my Facebook page and as of now it has had over 11,000 views and I have had some inquiries about a pattern and instructions.   I have not done patterns before but I am planning to do one for this. (after it is finished and I am sure it is the way I want it)

So I have a question for you.   If you wanted to buy a pattern would you prefer a full-sized printed pattern with instructions or a downloadable PDF file?

I still have to finish the quilt and look into printing options and copyright info etc but I am thinking about it.

meanwhile I am also in the middle of 2 other quilts and have several others in progress as well so stay tuned for more.

Happy Quilting


Quilt Buildup

Do you suffer from stubborn quilt buildup?   I do!


It is difficult for me to work on just one quilt at a time.

The one in the hoop in the picture is really very close to being finished.   But it is a bear to work on.   Even though I know better I decided to use a backing fabric that is very tightly woven with a very high thread count.   I got it “free”, which is to say that it came with a vintage quilt top I purchased. I knew it was going to be difficult but I used it anyway.   It is like quilting through cement.

There is a lesson here…trust your instincts.    I could have hand quilted 3 quilts in the time I have already spent on this one.  Yes the fabric was free but the cost in time is huge.     I have heard many people say they use bed sheets for quilt backings, and hand quilt them.   I would strongly discourage this.   They are also tightly woven with high thread count. They may be less expensive than a good quality quilt fabric but make hand quilting so much harder.   Hand quilting should be a joy not hard work!!

So here is the difficult quilt again.


Another quilt from the buildup is the Interplay quilt.

I am hand quilting it with #8 perle cotton in black and green.


The larger thread and larger stitches , often called big stitch quilting, really stand out.  More pictures of that soon.   I just started so have a long way to go.


I have an eye appointment tomorrow and hope new glasses will help me see better while quilting.   I am working on an applique and it needs much smaller stitches



I finished marking the Reindeer snowflake whole cloth top and got it pin basted.



I will post pictures of quilting that soon

Happy Quilting


Snowflakes in August and Updates

Today I got notice that my Whole cloth Quilts have been accepted for the AQS show in Des Moines Oct 1-4



And a few new things

First I got the Interplay quilt blocks sewn together.


and pin basted ready for hand quilting.


More on the hand quilting soon.

And I started layout on a new whole cloth quilt.

Of all the blog posts I have done The post about making snowflakes has been the most popular.

In that post I included a pattern to make this snowflake


Looking am blogs site stats I see that I  am still getting several view per day of this thanks to Pinterest.

I decided that since I already designed the snowflake and it is a popular design, I should use it in a quilt.

I am no fan of applique….so I am not going to try to do that…it will be done as a whole cloth quilt.

I cut a stencil of the design to trace it onto the cloth


and used a blue clover wash away marker .

DSCN3581 DSCN3579

I am now in the process of adding more detail.


More on this as it develops.

Here are a few more snowflakes I have made (click pictures to enlarge)

It seems early to be thinking about a Christmas quilt but It really isn’t far off 😦

Happy Quilting


Finished Piecing

I finished piecing the Interplay blocks .   I need to decide on a final layout before I sew them all together.  Sometimes it is hard for me to see what they really look like until I take a pictures.  For some reason I get a more objective view in a picture.


I will trade the peachy blocks with the lightest blocks ….. they actually are not as light as they show in the picture but I think the balance will be better with them in the center.

I bought some thread for hand quilting this….and I have backing fabric


The mottled black at the top of the picture is the backing fabric and the thread is #8 perle cotton.   I will do big stitch hand quilting on this.

Now that I am nearly done with the piecing (my absolute least favorite part)  I am going to let this one sit for a few days while I think about what quilting design I want to use.

Meanwhile I can get back to work hand quilting the rescued Star quilt


I should have it done in a few days.

And I will also be working on hand quilting the applique quilt

DSCN3173 DSCN3172

and the Lily quilt which I had planned to have done in the spring


And I have backing batting and thread to hand quilt the top made from the vintage blocks


Yikes that’s a lot to do…..better get busy

Happy Quilting



Teddy was upset because he didn’t get his picture taken today.

He was so funny when I put the camera away….sort of pouting.  Here is Teddy looking very serious but happy now that he has his picture taken