This and That

I have a few little things for today.

First I have a few flowers blooming

april25-2013 021 april25-2013 022


The Hyacinth aren’t far off.

april25-2013 023

If of thy mortal goods thou art bereft,

And from thy slender store two loaves alone to thee are left,

Sell one, and with the dole

Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul.

I got a 4 of the King Solomon’s Temple blocks pieced together

april25-2013 015

a few fabric close up pictures

april25-2013 018april25-2013 019

If you recall I had a bit of a problem with shipping my Trees Quilt.   It was full of fold marks when it was on display at AQS in Lancaster.

tree of life

Last night I blocked it.  What that means is I got it damp and laid it out flat on some towels,  and pinned it down and let it dry.

april25-2013 001

So just in case you haven’t seen enough pictures of it….here are some more (click to enlarge)

I am nearing the end on the Tie dye quilt.  I think a few more days and I will have it.

tie dye-progression 004

Happy Quilting and Happy Spring


Solomon’s Temple Blocks

Today I started cleaning a set of antique quilt blocks.   The pattern is Solomon’s Temple. You can see the post about them here


They are pretty dirty, and I want to get them cleaned up a bit before I sew them together .  I always wash my quilts when I am done hand quilting them, and I wanted to be sure they wouldn’t bleed so a rince before I start is a good idea.   I use hot water and Synthrapol

solomon's temple-cleaning 008

a soak in this and then a good rinse in cold water and then I press them flat and dry.

solomon's temple-cleaning 004

solomon's temple-cleaning 001

I have 8 done so far

solomon's temple-cleaning 006

look at the water

solomon's temple-cleaning 007

Glad that I decided to take the time to do it!  It also makes working with the old fabric a lot easier to get it rinsed.  100 years ago when these were being pieced together and pressed the maker used starch (that is not uncommon) and that makes the fabric stiff….and the old starch really holds on to dirt!  with the starch and dirt rinsed out they become much easier to work with.

The blocks are pretty impressive to me because of the very small pieces

solomon's temple-cleaning 005

each 10″ block is made up of 97 pieces!

these are pretty scrappy blocks but the maker kept with the basic color arrangement on each block.  Here is one that I drew up and added some colors and one of the real blocks to compare.

solomon block solomon's temple-cleaning 001

When you put the blocks together you get a great secondary pattern

king Solomon's Temple-layout

it looks as if there are 2 different blocks that make up the quilt.

I will need to add a border to make it full sized….or maybe just leave it small and call it a lap quilt.

Happy quilting


King Solomon’s Temple blocks

I got a stack of great blocks today.  The pattern is “King Solomon’s Temple” and they are from about 1880 – 1910.  There is a great variety of fabrics used in the blocks

I am making more progress on the Tree-of-life quilt.  Lots more to go!

click pictures to enlarge

Happy Quilting