More About Lone Star Quilts

Yesterday I posted about a lone star top  that I have in my collection that is nearly finished.

LoneStar 001

A quilt appraiser/historian and friend (Teddy Pruett) told me that she has seen this one many times and it is a “die cut”   I took another look at it and I agree.  The diamonds are cut so perfectly that it is clear they are die cut, remember this is years before there were rotary cutters and cutting mats.

There were companies that sold pre-cut pieces for quilting.  I dug out some of my old quilting papers and found this catalog.



And here is a page from Nov 1932, Successful Farming (not sure if this one had pre cuts for sale because this is the only page I have)


Here is a pre-cut   kit in my collection


2010_0507auntmartha-star0013 2010_0507auntmartha-star0016

Here is a top that I finished.


It started as just the star, I added the red around it and the smaller stars.  It was a lot of work to get this one flat!   The diamonds in this could have been bought as pre cuts

Here is another .  This one was finished when I got it.


And here is another that needs to be finished


Here is one that i am sure was made form a kit.  I got the top from eBay and hand quilted it.


And here is another top from a pre cut kit.


Looks beautiful until you look a bit more closely


This is how the star pattern almost always goes wrong!  The seam allowances are off so it ends up with no way to make it flat.

2010_1108Autumn-20110003 2010_1108Autumn-20110005 2010_1108Autumn-20110008

I will need to take it apart and see if I can save it.

Many many of these star quilts were made with die cut pieces or kits, but not always successfully!

Back to work

Happy Quilting