Start of Hand Quilting

I finished the embroidery portion of the Rose needle turn applique quilt and got it layered for hand quilting.


I used Hobb’s Tuscany Wool batting ( my favorite for hand quilting) and I am using medium blue 40 weight cotton thread.


It will take quite a while to finish but i am glad to have it started.

It was a beautiful day today so I went out in the garden and took a few pictures. (click on pictures to enlarge)

Here is what teddy likes to do when He is outside …..start by standing still and sniff the air


then flop on the ground and roll


then as soon as he realizes you are looking jump back up


and try to look like he wasn’t doing it.


He is so funny about rolling ……he loves to do it but hates it when you see him do it

Happy Quilting



I have made some progress on a few projects.

I have been having fun on the treadle machine

Here is what I have so far


Five more rows to do then it will also get a few borders.

Making some progress on the rose Applique


The remaining applique pieces are going on today ….here they are ready for stitching


It will be a while yet…..but I am really looking forward to hand quilting it!

Teddy got a new bone……..he can hardly contain himself

Happy Quilting


More on the roses

I decided to take a break from the needle turn applique and do a bit of the next part of the rose quilt.    I am using #8 perle cotton thread to do the chain stitching


I was going to make a template to mark the design but I decided to do it by eye.   I am using a yellow Crayola washable marker so the yellow tint you see is that.   It will wash out.

Here are a bunch of pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

I have a few more additions planned after I finish this and then I can get to the hand quilting.

Happy Quilting


More Applique

I have been working on the rose applique quilt top.     It should finish at about 84″ Square.    (click pictures to enlarge)

Teddy got a new bandanna at the groomer.   International Harvester fabric …. I will definitely save it to add to a quilt


I have a lot of applique left to do.   Some parts of the design will be done with the hand quilting so it might be hart to envision at this point but getting close so hopefully I’ll be posting quilting pictures soon

Happy Quilting



3 to go

I am making progress on the Rose Applique quilt.    I have 3 roses to go and the center will be done.



Most of the rest of the quilt will be hand quilting…..I might add another rose to the 4 corners…..but I will need to see how that will fit with the pattern on the background fabric.   I design as I go so it is never a sure thing how I will decide to do it.

Thank you to everyone for the positive comments about the refurnished cabinet.     Several have mentioned how nice it would look full of quilts, which I know it would,  but I won’t be doing that.      Quilts and wood are not friends.  Wood is pretty acidic and can damage quilts.  From the Michigan State University Museum Great Lakes Quilt Center:  “Wooden storage containers (shelves) should be sealed with a protective coating of polyurethane, then lined with unbleached washed muslin or acid free paper.”

I don’t always follow recommendations to the letter but in this case I think it is good advice.   I finished the cabinet with shellac because I don’t think Poly ever gives the same warm finish as shellac and tends too look to new to me. Does shellac give the same protection to quilts as poly?   I don’t know and I really don’t think lining the cabinet with muslin or tissue would be very attractive.   So I am starting to fill it with Knickknacks….of which I have plenty. Starting with some of the Santas that I made.  ( I think I will leave them there year round because I can)


I haven’t done much on the new quilt top


but I am enjoying the treadle machine.


In the picture you can see a nine patch laid out on a piece of paper.    After I cut the squares I arrange then in an order I like, one nine patch set per sheet of paper. There are about 8 or 9 sets stacked up waiting to be sewn.  I always seem to mess up the order if I don’t get the pieces organized first.

Teddy says HI


Happy Quilting