New York Suspension

I finished the quilt.


I started it way back in April of 2013  Here is the post

I am calling it New York Suspension.   It is a sort of combination of the Suspension Bridge pattern


and New York Beauty


I made it with reproduction fabrics.   I used cotton batting  and washed and dried it to give it the crinkled vintage look.

When I made the top I added a 2 inch strip around the edge, that strip became the binding.  I left that strip unquilted.


Next I folded back the strip and trimmed the batting and backing.


then I folded it over to the seam and pressed it


then folded it to the back and pinned and hand stitched it to the backing.


Here are a few of the blocks to show the hand quilting.

DSCN8088 DSCN8089 DSCN8090

Of course Teddy tested it


He approves.

Here is the back.


I used about 1200 yards of hand quilting thread and it took what seems like forever.    I can’t remember how long the piecing took but I estimate 300 hours in hand quilting.   The finished size is 71 x 92.

I am not sure what I will do with it.  Most of my quilts I keep and they become part of my trunk shows.     I might sell this one……..
if Teddy lets me


Happy Quilting



I finished hand quilting the New York Beauty quilt last night.  I started with a vintage quilt top that needed some work …DSCN1784 DSCN1783

You can see how I fixed it here

Here you can see how I decided on the quilting design

The quilting in the white spaces was easy.  The quilting on the pieced sections was not!….it is always much more difficult to quilt across seams.  These little triangles had quite large seam allowances and made it very bulky…several layers to quilt through.  My quilting stitches in these areas are not as small and uniform as they are in the white areas but I think the overall look is fine.

It took 3 weeks to hand quilt….but to put that into perspective it was about 200 hours of quilting….( I was a bit obsessed 😉 )

After I finished the quilting and binding I washed it and dried it, and here is the result. (click pictures to enlarge)

While the quilt was in the washer and dryer I decided to finally finish the pillow I started back in April, see that post here

Here it is finished

DSCN2750 DSCN2749

I am going to try to finish one of the many quilts I have already started in the next few days.   I put this one back in the hoop…the quilting is easy and It should go fast.


Happy Quilting!


half done

I have just about finished 1/2 of the hand quilting on the vintage New York Beauty

I still need to quilt the narrow yellow border and the center diagonal row of sashing before I move on to the next block.   I start in the center and then work out to the edge.   Next I start in the center again and work to the other edge.  This way I don’t get any wrinkles …I work them out as I work to the edge. Click on the pictures to enlarge

Teddy went to see the groomer.  She gave him a patriotic neckerchief….since he wont be there again before the 4th of July

DSCN2478 DSCN2477
I think Julie does a great job!

Happy Quilting


Progress and Plans

I am making progress on the New York Beauty quilt.


It is hard to see the stitching in this light but It is coming along.    Here are a few more pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

I have been thinking about fan blocks lately.  One of the Facebook pages I follow (quilts vintage and antique) has been posting fan block quilts and if you look at this quilt each of these blocks has what is essentially a fan block in the corner.

Remember these quilts and tops I made with vintage fan blocks and new fabrics.

I have some more vintage tops, here are a few

2012_01159-27-120003 DSCN1497

and I have several more fan blocks. I have 100 in this group


I also have the purple fabric that I think really sets off the blocks.

I am thinking of how I might set them…..

Hand quilting gives me a lot of time to think…..and it will be a long time before I get to these…but it is fun to think about what might be next.

Happy Quilting


Ready to start quilting

I finished the New York Beauty top and I am ready to start quilting (see yesterdays post for details on the flattening operation)


I won’t tell the final decision on the hand quilting design yet…  Here are a few of the Ideas I had…

but the decision has been made and I will post progress pictures soon.


I have more garden pictures ….click pictures to enlarge

Happy Sunday

Quilt progress next time

Happy quillting


New York Beauty 2

I have a second vintage New York Beauty quilt top to hand quilt.  It also belongs to Bill Volckening and it is great.

The New York Beauty pattern has existed since the mid 1800’s with many different names along the way.  I won’t get into the evolution of the pattern/names (I’m waiting for the book….Bill is writing it now) but I feel confident that this one was made from the Mountain Mist /Sterns and Foster pattern.  These patterns were printed on the wrapper of Mountain Mist quilt batting.

NYB-Mountain mist

Here is a quilt that has been documented to be made in 1932 using the Mountain Mist pattern.


The only difference in this top is the fabric choices….scrappy rather than solids.

Much of the piecing is beautifully done….the problem is the white pieces.  They were cut so that the long outside edge is on the bias and this caused distortion as the pieces were stitched together.  I did a post a while back about fixing that bias problem  This quilt will need more than that simple fix.  I think I will end up taking out all the white pieces on the outside edges and replacing them….I happen to have a large piece of vintage muslin that will be a perfect match.   In the pictures you can see how off it is.  (click pictures to enlarge)

I won’t decide on a hand quilting pattern until I have worked on it for a while…it will tell me what to do.

It might be a few days before I get to work on it because I need to think before I cut 😉

Happy Quilting


Vintage New York Beauty

If you have been following my progress for the past month you know that I have been working on hand quilting a vintage New York Beauty quilt top.


Here is the first post I did about it

The top was beautiful but had a lot of problems.  It was not flat or square.  It was beautifully conceived but not well made.  When I start to work on a vintage quilt top I have to make a decision about what to do.  Do I re-make it, or do I leave it as it is and only fix it as much is a needed to quilt it.   In this case I did not make any major alterations…while quilting it I did need to take a few tucks to remove bulges but It is, for the most part, exactly as made.

Here is how I basted it and here is the start of the hand quilting

It might be hard to see in the picture but there is not a straight line in it.  here are a few pictures of the finished quilt with a long ruler laid across it to show how off it is.

DSCN1739 DSCN1740

I know this would drive many people crazy but to me this irregularity is part of the beauty of the quilt.  Some would call this work “primitive” but I would call it “liberated” .  It is as if the maker of the top was not concerned with technical issues and focused on the overall vision.  I think of piecing a top myself and how much effort goes into matching up seams, not cutting off points, making it square, worry about where the bias edges are….exhausting!  The maker of this top (wish I knew who) clearly was not under the control of the quilt police.  to me it feels energetic and spontaneous and exciting.

Here are more pictures (click to enlarge)

Now It has to go back to its owner Bill Volckening where it will join an impressive collection of New York Beauty Quilts.  I have another (very different) of his New York Beauty quilt tops to do next and will post pictures of that soon.

Happy Quilting