Progress Report

Progress report day.

I finished 12 blocks on the antique log cabin quilt.

So far it’s looking good and I can’t make myself stop! 

Here is a look at the back (harder to see the quilting on the back because of the pattern).

I have also made some good progress on the antique odd fellow’s quilt.

(see that faded spot in the center of the lyre motif at the top.  I think it is sun fading down the fold from storage before I got it)

The quilting on this one shows pretty well from the back.

I love the process of hand quilting and find it so relaxing.  I can’t imagine watching TV at night without  a quilt to work on!

Last night was the first episode of Downton Abbey season 2, so I got a lot of quilting done.

Happy Quilting



Wild Goose Chase/Odd Fellow’s Quilt Top

Another eBay quilt top arrived yesterday.  I could not resist…I am powerless over antique quilt tops. 

How could I pass it up?  It has some of my favorite fabrics, cheddar, indigo, double pink, madder paisley, purple (which ages to a grey purple).  It has large squares for some fun hand quilting, it is good-sized, 76″ x 96″,  and It is a pattern that  I didn’t have.  So how much did it cost?…….drumroll……$21.50

some close-ups of the blocks (click to enlarge )

Why so cheap?

Someone thought it would be a good idea to wash it.  While I am not opposed to washing I do think that it is best to be careful!  this is what can happen when you aren’t

I still think It is great!…I can overlook the bleach spots(or whatever caused them) and the fading in a few spots, the overall is still great.  Sometimes when a top is washed it falls apart but this one was very well made…the stitches are so small and tight and even(I don’t think I could do as well)

As you can see I have some trimming of loose threads to do as a result of the washing.

I don’t often start a quilt as soon as it arrives but I started planning this one as soon as I unpacked it.

In an earlier post I wrote about some vintage templates that I have.  This quilt called out for one of those.  Here is the one I will use.

The large squares fit this template perfectly

The half blocks will get a partial wreath

The pieced blocks, Odd Fellow’s Or Wild Goose Chase (I can’t decide which to call it) will be outline quilted by the piece.

I mark with a clover wash away marking pen when the fabric is light-colored.  I did a test and it washes out with no problem.

I have a nice wide (108′) backing fabric to use

It is “Documentaries by Benartex” .  I think it feels at home with the top.  I will likely use an indigo binding.  The bating will be cotton. 

Now I have to finish up the marking, get it laid out and basted together and get to the fun part….Quilting!

I will keep the progress posted.

Happy Quilting