Progress on the rose quilt

I have been working on hand quilting the large rose on the upper right of the quilt.


I finished that one today.


Here is a picture of the back


Here is the assortment of threads I am using. (Presencia Perle cotton in size 8 and 12)


Teddy wanted to test it out.


He likes it so far.

I am going to take a break from this one and get back to some of the others for a few days. I have some adjustments to make in the black outlines but I need to think on it for a bit.    I will post more about this one as it progresses and more about the others, and the garden soon…

Happy Quilting


Some Hand Quilting

Yesterday I posted about how I baste a quilt top for hand quilting.   Now here is the quilting.

One of the most frequent questions is “how do I decide on a quilting pattern?”  I wish there was an easy answer to that.  When I design a quilt I usually have the quilting in mind from the beginning.   I think of the quilting as part of the design of the quilt.  Some quilts call out for very fancy quilting and some not so much.   I designed this quilt to be very simple.


The piecing is very simple but there are no large areas that are solid / unpieced. When I do “fancy” quilting I like to do it in open areas where the fabrics and piecing will not compete with it.

The applique quilt I have been working on has solid white background and the quilting shows well


when there is a pattern on the fabric the quilting shows less

I quilted a fancy knot design in the pink diamonds on this quilt and they really do not show.   The quilting added texture but not much design.


Here the quilting shows quite well in the main part of the quilt.


but I used a fairly busy print on the border and the quilting doesn’t show as well.


I want to keep with the simplicity of the quilt and there really are no large areas for quilting anything fancy so one option is to do an all over quilting design.

Here I did fans

Vintage basket top, hand quilted

Vintage basket top, hand quilted

and here are circles

Liberated Basket Quilt

Liberated Basket Quilt

I think they show better from the back

Back of Liberated baskets

Back of Liberated baskets

the overall quilting adds a lot of texture and movement with the curved lines contrasting with the straight lines of the piecing.

I think that either of these designs would work well with the top.

However I chose to use very basic “quilting by the piece”.

Quilting by the piece is quilting a line of stitches inside each piece about 1/4 inch from the seams.  This style of quilting emphasizes the piecing and is always a safe choice for a quilting design.


with this quilting design you never have to quilt over a seam.   Quilting over a seam might not sound like a big deal but remember that there are at least 2 more layers of fabric there from the seam allowances.  That extra fabric does make it much harder to hand quilt.

I often start with quilting by the piece and then add another row or 2 of quilting ( I like my quilts to be rather densely quilted)


Here is the quilting so far on the new quilt


I am quilting by the piece and then adding an additional triangle and a row of stitching in the stripes.

I am using size 8 perle cotton thread. The name of this thread in French is perle coton (note the different spelling of cotton). Some manufacturers in English-speaking countries call it pearl cotton. But there is no consistency in the use of either spelling.


I use a size 5 embroidery needle


Once I have a bit more of the quilting finished I will post some more pictures.

Teddy is watching


He says it is time for a break 🙂

Happy quilting


Now for the border

I finished hand quilting the center and now I am working on the border. You can see in the upper left corner that I am doing a simple line design for the border.

adding borders 002 adding borders 003

In order to quilt the border more easily in my hoop I am pinning a towel to the edge in order to hold it in the hoop securely .

adding borders 009 adding borders 008

It wont be long now !

More pictures here (click to enlarge)

Next time I will show how I bind it

Happy Quilting