More piecing, garden pictures and a video

last time I posted about a new top I am making called “Table Scraps”


I did some more piecing on that.

I am using 2 inch strips


I sew together 6 and then cut into blocks


Stack up a few of them and then cut the other direction


then rearrange them


then sew them together.   once I have enough done I arrange them in the diamond shape


after they are sewn together I cut them again to be an accurate 45 degree diamond so they will all fit together to make a star


One of my fabric pieces was large enough to do a full diamond unpieced……I like the variety


2 more diamonds to go….I’ll probably piece them a bit differently…I’ll post pictures of that soon.

The finished star should be about 75 inches across and it will get a pieced scrappy border to make a finished quilt of about 85″ square

Today it finally rained……but you really can’t call it a real rain…just enough to get the grass damp and cause the humidity to go up to 90% . It has been so dry!   What we need is a good long all day rain!  I took a few garden pictures shortly after the rain.   (click pictures to enlarge)

I did another video of hand quilting….this one is quilting on an antique applique quilt.

Happy Quilting



I finished all the blocks so it is time for assembly.


Here is the layout.  I decided to leave the 2 long edges jagged.

I start in a corner and piece the blocks together on the diagonal. Here it is with 3 diagonal rows done and the next one ready to add.


and the next row.


and the next


keep doing row at a time



It will be done soon 🙂

Happy quilting


More Diamond Piecing

I started a new quilt top about a week ago.


I did a tutorial on making the diamonds here

I worked on it for a bit more today (the forecast was for rain so I decided to not work in the garden….It didn’t rain)  A reader asked what I will do with the extra pieces from the ends of the strip sets.    The way I am cutting them there is an extra bit on each end. See the half triangle on the left of the ruler.


I thought about it and decided on a way to use them.    When you piece the strips they never come out even.   different fabrics vary quilt a bit in width.  Here is one end of a strip set.


and here is the other


If I cut the first edge even I can cut on 1/2 triangle from that end before I cut the full triangles.


Then after all the full triangles are cut I have a piece at the end to cut another half triangle.


If I put the half triangles together in a hexagon I get this


That hole in the center will go away when it is stitched together because the seam allowances will take that space up. and I will arrange the wedges better to distribute the color better.  I don’t know what I will make with the hexagons, It might be added to another project … might need to be another quilt?

After I have them cut I match the triangles into pairs.


I pin them to match the seams


and then stitch and press


I have a bunch of them done.  They are adding up.    It is about 60 inches square at this point (it will be smaller when the diamonds are sewn together)


My plan is to make it something like 90 x100.

When I sit at the sewing machine I can look out into the yard and watch the activity at the bird feeder.

They need to be refilled but there were still a few birds and the squirrels wanted to be sure they got some too.

Teddy says hi


Happy Quilting



Xs and Os

I made progress on the next melon block top.

It will be 9 blocks 18″ each, and I will add borders.   I have lots more fabrics.


Yesterday I was asked about the back because there is so much bulk in the seams where the 4 units join.

I press the seams to the center


here are the 4 units joined.


The same for the other blocks but different arrangement of the units


Lots of layers of fabric there in the intersection at the center.

I am really not an accurate piecer. I know I could do better but it really is not that important to me to be perfect.  For me close enough is fine.

I don’t use a fancy machine, I have a vintage Singer 301a and I love it.  The tape on the throat plate helps my seam allowance size, I don’t have a 1/4″ foot.


I am calling the quilt  Xs and Os

Here is an X


and an O


and here are all 9


Borders next, but I need to decided what I want to do with them.

Teddy is not offering an opinion, but enjoying watching the progress


Time for a piecing break.   I think I will do some hand quilting 😉

Happy quilting


Finished quilt top

In an effort to clean up the work area by reducing the pile of works in progress I finished piecing a quilt top today.  I posted some layout options over the last few days, ( but I kept the original as planned.   I do plan to do a few more tops with this block in the future and I will use some of the other options.

With the added borders It finished at 64″ x 76″

Here are a bunch of pictures of the top. (click pictures to enlarge) I really need to take pictures in daylight to get truer colors, the colors are duller without a flash and brighter than reality with a flash.

Hand quilting will have to wait a while on this one….I have too many in progress already.

Now on to the next pile in the mountain

Happy Quilting


Room to work

Yesterday I posted a picture of a new top I started….


I got 2 blocks finished and kept having to move piles of fabrics from other projects around to find room to work.   I decided that rather than put it all away I would get the piecing finished. If I put it away it tends to get forgotten.

Here is what was in the first pile.

I started the piecing on this one Nov 4th.

Here is the post about it and here

here are the 20 blocks I finished today.


different layouts change the look


We need to think about how to put them together because I like them all…I will likely change them around several more times because there are dozens more possibilities.

DSCN5234 (2)

I also might do a border….more about that later

Happy Quilting


Snowflakes and quilts

It is that time of year again.   People are getting ready for winter and the winter holidays.    Every winter I make snowflakes.

Here is a how to post I did a while back.

I have had so many people viewing the snowflake posts that I have done that I am planning to make a set of patterns.    I made a new one last night


and I will be making more soon.

I did a bit more piecing.   I have had some questions about how the blocks go together and how I did the design.

First I had the idea in my head.    It is based on a quilt that I made a few years ago.    It was a vintage top that I hand quilted.

finishing-binding 025

Old quilts are great inspiration for new designs.

I made a mock-up on the computer…from there I made a few changes in my head

fall idea

After I decided how I would make it I cut templates from template plastic.   I bought 10 half yards of fabric.  5 light and 5 dark,   I am cutting 2 inch strips of 5 fabrics and sewing them together into sets (light and dark)

Here is a light set with the templates set to trace


I trace the template with a sharpie


and I cut them all out with scissors ( I only use a rotary cutter for straight lines)

here is the layout with both the dark and the light sets cut


then sew them together


I finished 8 so far…here are a few possible layouts.  The color in the first 2 is about right, I am not sure what I did on the next 2  (click pictures to enlarge)

Teddy is learning how to get even more attention.   His new trick is to get in my chair.    I sit in this chair when I hand quilt so he sees me there a lot.   It is also where I sit when I am at the computer.

Now it is also where Teddy sits when he thinks he needs some extra attention….which of course he always gets….I think he wants to make sure I don’t forget who is in charge 🙂

Back to work…..I need to get the pattern made for the snowflake quilt


Finish piecing the batik quilt


Finish repair on the sunflower quilt


Finish hand quilting these


and several more…..I never have to worry about running out of projects

Happy Quilting