Pineapple Applique quilt top finished

I finally finished the pineapple applique quilt top today!

It finished at 86″ square.  Now to plan the quilting.

This top started as someone elses UFO that I bought from eBay

If you want to see the progress of the top from start to finish see the following posts

So how to quilt it?  My thought is that I want to do echo quilting.  here is an antique pineapple block with echo quilting

I like the idea of echo quilting because I can do it with no marking! I’m pretty good at eyeballing this kind of quilting.

First I need to purchase the backing fabric.  I think I will head to the store today.

Green?  Yellow?  White?  Print? Solid?  I will let you know what I find.

Happy Quilting!


Sunday update…Pineapple Applique quilt border

I have been working on the pineapple applique quilt blocks.  The pattern I am basing the quilt on has 12 blocks. I had planned to make mine with 16 blocks (22″ each) for an 88″ square quilt.  As I laid out the blocks I decided it would benefit from a border.  So the new plan is 9 blocks and a border. So I drew up a pattern using elements from the blocks and here is the progress so far.

I am making the border in pieces.  The quilt blocks are 22″ square so the border pieces are 11″ x 22″ with an 11″ square in each corner

So that makes 9 blocks for the quilt and 4 blocks for the corners and 12 for the borders for a total of  25.

This makes for a lot more hand applique work but I think it will be worth it. Here is a picture of the original pattern

I think the addition of the border will make for a more interesting quilt.

I am relatively new to hand applique but I am enjoying it and getting better.  my stitches are getting more even and smaller.  Here is a picture of the back of one of the blocks

Not perfect but getting better.  PBS used to have a painting show years ago called “Welcome To My Studio”  With Hellen Van Wyk.  She was a very accomplished portrait and still life painter with years of experience.  She often sad that people would look at one of her painting and ask “how long did it take you to paint that?”  She would respond 37 years! (the # of years she had been painting).  I think quilting is like that….over the next 37 years I expect to keep improving…for now I claim progress rather than perfection.

There are a few new things blooming in the garden (despite the heat and lack of rain)

This double day lily is always pretty ( It came from a friend in New Jersey)  I don’t know the variety name but it is not a fancy new hybrid, it is a very old one.  It tends to want to spread and take over the entire garden so 2 years ago I decided it needed to be controlled.  I dug it up saved one division and planted it in a very large plastic pot then buried the pot in the flower bed…now the plant can’t spread beyond the pot.

Another ornamental millet is beginning to bloom.  I love the dark flowering spike against the bright foliage.  I plan to try saving seeds of this one for next year.

Despite being transplanted a month later than they should have been, and living through hot dry weather, the plants in the new flower bed are doing fine.

Happy Gardening and Happy Quilting


Antique red and green applique blocks

I got a few new antique blocks in the mail this week.  I plan to collect enough to make them into an album quilt. (click pictures to enlarge)

It is always interesting to me how the dyes used in the 1800’s change color over time.  The red and the cheddar fabrics have held their color while the greens in these blocks  have changed.  The dye process was an over-dye , fabric was dyed blue, and then yellow (yellow and blue make green).  If the yellow dye was more fugitive than the blue and begins to fade away the fabric becomes more blue-green (teal). If the blue dye was more fugitive and fades more than the yellow the fabric becomes more yellow-green (poison green).  Barbara Brackman has a great post about antique green fabric on her blog.

The blocks are all different sizes  but average 20″ square.  I will need about 12 blocks to make a full quilt.  I could reproduce the blocks to fill in but I think I will wait to find more and keep it all antique.

The work on the blocks is very good.  here is a picture of the stitching

and remember they did it all without freezer paper or glue or computer printed templates.

There are still a lot of blocks out there to be found.  Ann Champion came across a great one recently.  Check it out on here blog  here:

I will keep updating as I find new blocks.

Meanwhile an update on the quilts I am working on this week:

Pineapple Applique  6 blocks done 6 to go

I’m making progress on the Old Italian Block scrappy quilt, Over 1/2 done

When I hand quilt I always start in the center of the quilt and work out to the edges.  This allows me to work out any extra fullness or wrinkles that I might have missed when I basted. I work them out to the edges.  Here is a close up of the “by the piece” quilting (quilting stitches follow each piece in the block about 1/4 inch from the edges)

I still have to decide how to quilt the border….I think a rope design.

The new garden is coming along

I got the posts in for the arbor and now have to build the top.  The posts are antique porch posts that came from a flea market in Iowa.

I also added a few solar lights

More to come, It’s too hot to work outside this weekend, and as dry as can be!  Fingers crossed for rain!!

Happy Quilting and Happy Gardening