50/50= 100% pain!

I decided to work on a simple vintage kit I have.  It was made in 1978.

The fabric is 50% cotton, 50% polyester and 100% pain!!

If you have never tried to applique with a  poly blend I recommend that you don’t try it!!  It is no fun.  The fabric does not hold a fold, the stitches do not seat into the fabric, pressing does not work well, all in all it is not an enjoyable experience.

All the pieces are pre-cut and it should be pretty much a no brainer to put it together……not!

I don’t know if I will finish this.  Quilting should be fun!!

I’m sure it would turn out fine, but is it worth the pain?

I think I need to save it for punishment and do something more fun for the holidays

Like decorate the tree

Happy Quilting