Antique Pomegranate Quilt Blocks

My Antique Pomegranate quilt blocks arrived today.  There are 8 blocks and they are 26″ square.

The centers are pieced, the little hexagons that make up the centers are 1 inch.  The orangey brown was once red and the teal was likely more green.  I think They date from about 1880 based on the pattern and fabrics, and similar quilts I found.  The are from Texas.  They have a Pennsylvania Dutch feel to them similar to “Hex Signs”  (click picture to go to a hex sign site)

however a very similar pattern, #14.847 in Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Applique is from Tennessee.  And this quilt from the quilt index is from North Carolina. (click picture to go to the full record)

Here is a very similar quilt from the Benton County Historical Society and Museum (click picture to go to the museum site)

Appliqué & pieced pomegranate wheel pattern

I think the quilting on this one is amazing! And I plan to use my blocks to make a similar quilt.

Here are some pictures of the blocks (click to enlarge)

I will need to find some fabric to use for the border that will coordinate.  I know I won’t be able to find a match, but I want to find something close.  I have a million projects in line so I don’t know when I will get to this one but I love the blocks.  I do plan to draft a pattern from them and some day might make a new quilt with this block.

I added more quilts to my Etsy store.  I now have 5 for sale See them here

Happy Quilting