Lectures and progress

For my friends in Michigan I will be speaking at the Capital City Quilt Guild ( http://www.capitolcityquiltguild.org/index.php ) in Lansing MI on June 20th at 7pm ,  And at the Evening Star Quilt Guild (http://eveningstarquilters.blogspot.com/ )In Davidson MI on July 31 At 6:30.  Check the links for details   Here is the description

Tim is a hand quilter and floral designer from Lansing who specializes in adopting older quilt tops that need “loving attention,” performs whatever remedy is needed, and hand quilts to perfection! “

I hope to see some of you there!

IMG_3262 IMG_3251

I have added some of the trapunto to the center of the whole cloth quilt….I hope you can see the difference in these before and after pictures.

garden 5-19-20 001

trapunto update 5-20-13 003

these pictures show the before and after (and also show how lighting changes color!)  the darker pictures are before adding the trapunto and the lighter pictures are after adding about half (click to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


Classes and Lectures

Floral design classes will be starting up again soon so its time to advertize my classes.

here is the link to what I am offering so far

Today I am getting ready to do a Lecture/Trunk Show at the Thornapple River Rippers Quilt Guild

It always amazes me how much room 15 or 20 quilts take up! And how much they weigh!!

The quilts for the show come from these in the quilt gallery  Click here

whole cloth 4-27-13 001

Happy quilting


Why I Hate to Have My Picture Taken

I have never liked to have my picture taken.  I can’t ever seem to not make a weird face!  I thought that it would make a difference if someone took a candid shot…It might be a picture that represents me better.

Sometimes people will send me pictures when I do a program or a class.  This is me doing a presentation about vintage quilts tops/quilts

I don’t look too goofy….but wait there is more

A student in one of my floral design classes sent me some pictures

Here I am demonstrating a hand-tied bouquet


I love to teach and I get very involved in the flowers


Here is a comparison between 2 different construction methods.

Sometimes I get so involved that I make some pretty  funny faces


I guess the candid shots are not always the most flattering either!  Mostly just goofy!!  But fun!


Sometimes they aren’t as bad as others…but I think overall I still don’t like to have my picture taken.

My next floral design class starts tonight….I wonder if anyone has a camera?