Finished bag


Well it took forever…..but now that I got it done I know that the next one wont take as long.   I don’t think I have ever used a pattern for anything…..and I don’t often do this kind of sewing ( making something other than a quilt) so it is a bit of figuring it out as I go.
dscn1545 dscn1547

At any rate I am pleased with how it turned out and glad it is finished🙂

Happy quilting


Where does the time go?


I had big plans for the day and here it is 7pm and not much of it happened.

I planned to finish my denim bag and I got involved in trying to do a video of how….and then I decided I needed to change the hand wheel on the machine and then had a lot of trouble downloading my video ….finally got it and it is 7:00… I am going to sit down in my comfy chair and hand quilt!

If you are interested in how to thread a Singer 66-18 and change the hand wheel, and set it up to free motion quilt I have a video for you😉

And if you prefer a short video of just machine quilting….no words just sewing here it is

Teddy says HI


How to make a quilted tote bag


Yesterday I posted a picture of a tote bag I made.

I made another today (this one is larger) and I took pictures of the steps to make it.

I started with the snowflake applique that I made in this video.

You could use any other quilt block or just plain fabric.

I trimmed the block to 18″ x 20″  and then sewed on another piece of fabric also 18″ x 20″ .


I layered it for quilting using 2 layers of Dream Green batting ( 2 layers makes the bag have more body) and muslin for the backing.


I used 505 basting spray ( pin basting would work well too) .


Next I did the quilting.


I did stippling with white thread in the snowflake and an arc patter with red thread in the background.


on the solid red portion I used white thread.


Next I trimmed the excess backing and batting ( measure the finished size of this because you will need this measurement to cut the lining) and folded it in half along the seam line (right sides together).


then sew it on 2 sides leaving the top open.


Next I make box corners on the 2 bottom corners.   Open the bag out as shown in the picture, pulling the sided out to make a corner as shown .


Then mark a stitch line …..line up the 45 on your ruler and then use the measurement along the top to draw the line.( mine is at 5.5 inches  but you can vary the size depending on how big the bag is).


Then sew on the line.


Then cut off the point.


Do the same on the other corner and then turn the bag right side out.


Here is the inside. (all the raw edges will be hidden with a lining in a later step).


Now turn in the top edge ( I turned in 1.5 inches) It might help to press this down.


Now to make the handles I cut 2  7 inch  by 20 inch pieces of red fabric.


press in half.


then fold the two edges into the center and press.


then fold on half again and stitch along the edges.

pin the handles to the bag on the inside.


stitch around the entire bag (3/4 inch down from the top).


now to make the lining cut a piece of fabric the same size as the finished top was and fold it in half right sides together.


sew the edges as we did for the bag.

and then do the same size box corners.

dscn1470 dscn1471

now put the lining inside the bag and line up the corners in the bottom .


fold under the top edge and pin into place.


then sew about 1/4 inch from the top edge.


that is how I made it……

here is the back


and here they both are


I made the smaller bag the same way, just a smaller fabric ….

Teddy watched to be sure I didn’t make a mistake.


Happy Quilting




It is that time of year again…….
every year I make a bunch of snowflakes. Here are a few for previous years (click pictures to enlarge)

I am working on them again ( I might do another giveaway drawing in the next few weeks)
I made a video of how to fold and cut them and then make them into an applique for quilting.

Happy Quilting