New Diagnosis

I have a new diagnosis, I have OCQD…Obsessive Compulsive Quilt Disorder.  Symptoms include working on many quilts at once, collecting fabric, thread, needles, patterns, books, quilting for more than 4 hours per day, and in my case eBay shopping.

The newest quilt top is a vintage Ruby McKim pattern  “State Flowers”  first published in 1930.

I am not a big fan of the sashing on this one and I might change it.  Here re a few from the quilt Index to show the difference

Mine just seems to need some more color.  The good news is that all 48 states are there and well done.

Here they are, not the best pictures but you can still get the Idea (part of the disorder is that I didn’t want to take the time to re-take the pictures)….see if you can find your state (click to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


Bird quilts and log cabins

I started to work on my log cabin variation antique.  I am doing some simple outline quilting in the pieced blocks, I have not decided what I will do in the red bands, but I will know when I get there. Nothing traditional  or uniform or fussy will do…so I will make something up as I go.

the backing is actually dark gray but the picture looks rather brown

My first quilt was a bird quilt, and I have always been drawn to quilts with embroidered blocks of  birds.

I am working on some small quilts for AAQI with birds that I painted

I have the butterfly finished

I need to get the birds done and get these in the mail.

I recently purchased a group of blocks from the Ruby McKim Bird life/Audubon pattern.  The patterns are available again at the Mckim Studios web site.

The were first published in 1928

There were 24 designs, but I only got 18.  They are very well done and I know they will make the basis for a great quilt.

here are the blocks (click to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


Ruby McKim quilt top

I was reading my favorite blogs today and Karen Alexanders Blog inspired me to dig out a Ruby McKim top.

See Karen’s Post here and her article for the Quilters Hall Of Fame blog about Ruby Short McKim here

These Block are from the Flower Garden Series, originally published by Ruby Short McKim in 1929-30.

The patterns are available at

The embroidery work on the blocks is quite nice

The discoloration in the pictures is another quilt top beneath this one.

The original pattern called for a different setting, using a picket fence border

and here is one with a scalloped border

I have to say the top I have is anything but beautiful!  The embroidered blocks are beautiful….but the pink fabric is so ugly it hurts my feelings!

I plan to replace the pink and make a picket fence border to do the blocks justice. 

Be sure to check out Karen’s Quilters Hall of Fame article for more pictures of this pattern and some other great quilts

Happy Quilting