Butterflies and machine

I have had many butterflies in my garden the last few weeks and I took some photos a few days ago….which will serve as quilt inspiration at some point soon.

I bought a Singer 31-15 quite a while back and it is finally in good working order

Here is a video of some free motion work on it .

I went to see the physical therapist and I have some exercises for my shoulders to do for my shoulders…..and the therapist wants to see me two times a week for 3 weeks to try to get it worked out.   the arthritis on my hands and knees is a different story but one thing at a time ….and forward progress.

Don’t be afraid of change, change can be a beautiful thing said the butterfly.

Happy Quilting


Sometimes you get distracted

I had great intentions of getting my tree decorated today.   I got the tree set up and the lights are on but I didn’t get the decorations on it yet.


I decided to use a smaller tree this year….this one is 7 feet but I have really high ceilings so I put it up on a table.

A Singer sewing machine is the reason I didn’t get more decorating done.  A Singer 31-15 arrived today.    I know it was in really bad shape but it got even worse in delivery.  The balance wheel/hand wheel broke in delivery.

It is missing its needle plate and feed dogs, now has a broken hand wheel, it is VERY rusty and I love it!

It was made as an industrial machine so it is heavy (55 pounds) and huge!    There is 10.5 inches between the needle and the column, by comparison my favorite Singer 15 is 7 1/2 inches ….when I get it cleaned up and functioning it will be great for quilting….all that space in the harp will be a real luxury.
So I spent some time working on getting the first layers of rust and gunk off of it.

I have a lot of cleaning to do yet but I have ordered the parts I need to fix it up.  It will be a while before they arrive but I am excited about it.   Now that I have the machine I can work on getting a top made for a treadle base to fit it.    It will need a much larger opening than a standard Singer machine.  I’ll take a picture soon of a full sized Singer 15 next to this one so you can see how large it is.

Teddy is really not that impressed with it….but he is always ready to pose.


Next time pictures of the finished tree 🙂

Happy Quilting