Zipper Quilt Top

I couldn’t resist this one.   I purchased this top from eBay.  It was made by the seller’s grandmother sometime between 1968 and 1978 which certainly fits with the fact that it is made of polyester double-knit fabric.

I can hear several groans out there.   Who would ever want a polyester quilt!?    Believe it or not there is an emerging group of people who collect polyester quilts.   Keep in mind that the quilting community in the 70’s was very different from today.  There were not many shops that specialized in quilting and fabric shops were chock full of polyester fabrics. ( I wasn’t a fabric buyer at the time but remember going to Minnesota Fabrics with my mom)     Quilters used what was available and the bonus to us today is that the fabric will likely last for another hundred years without any fading or deterioration. Collectors are sort of nostalgic for the era of their youth so for people of a certain age these quilts are cool.    I do plan to hand quilt it, and I plan to use polyester batting.   I might even try to find polyester backing fabric.

I don’t know what the maker would have called the pattern but it looks like zippers to me.


It is a very simple pattern.   The pieces are 3 inches by 8 inches.

It does have a few places where the seams need repair


And there are plenty of thread tails to trim off of the back


but because it is polyester double-knit there is no raveling.

Teddy couldn’t stop looking at the fabric


He is not sure what to make of it.

I think he will approve once it is done…..or perhaps not since he is not old enough to remember polyester.

I have been snowflake obsessed and I think this last batch has got it out of my system for a while.

I added another set of 10 patterns to my Etsy store

here are a few

I bought the finish for the quilt frame and I want to get that done….and I have a few other holiday projects in mind for the weekend…..but likely I will be quilting away and wonder where the weekend went.   So many quilts so little time.

Happy Quilting



Double T blocks

I recently got an email from  Teri in Richland MI.  Teri’s son has an antique store and had a pile of double t blocks that weren’t selling….do I want them?
How could I pass that up?  What a great gift…Thanks again Teri!!

So here they are….

t blocks 008

I am not sure this will be the setting I use but here they are spread out on a vintage piece of fabric.  I would guess them to be from the 1880-90 era and the fabrics mostly very stable…click pictures to enlarge

Teddy approves

t blocks 028

I will be putting them together into a top soon (famous last words)

I have another great gift quilt top from another reader that I will post about next time… don’t want to miss it…it is super!

and now for another snowflake

here is the pattern

snowflake 12-3-13

this pattern is for a standard 8.5 inch piece of paper

here is the progress

t blocks 001 t blocks 002 t blocks 003 t blocks 004 t blocks 005

Happy Quilting






How to make a snowflake

Last year I did several posts about making snowflakes and posted a pattern here (

Here is another tutorial and a pattern

For this snowflake I am using an 18″ square piece of paper.

snowflake 1 12-1-13 006

The folding is the same for whatever size paper you use.  Most often I use regular computer printer paper (8.5″ x11″) and cut it square

First fold it in half along the diagonal

snowflake 1 12-1-13 007

Next fold it in half again

snowflake 1 12-1-13 008

Now fold in one-third to the center

snowflake 1 12-1-13 009

and then fold in the remaining third

snowflake 1 12-1-13 010

It will look like this on the other side

snowflake 1 12-1-13 011

Next draw on the design…here is the PDF for this one (snowflake-12–1-13)

you can make any design you want and it can be very simple or very complex…no rules!

then cut it out

snowflake 1 12-1-13 002

And carefully open it up

snowflake 1 12-1-13 012

I then press them with an iron and light steam to make them flat

give it a try and have fun!

I have put together a PDF of snowflake patterns and instructions available at my Etsy store

Happy Cutting!


Making progress

On Tuesday I got back to work on a quilt that I started last September.

here is what it looked like Tuesday with 16 blocks done

11-12-13 001

and here it is today with 32 blocks done

11-14-13 001

16 more blocks to go and then the border.

I made the top with flannel and the backing is also flannel and the thickness of the fabric makes it difficult to get tiny little stitches but that does not bother me at all, not every quilt needs to be show perfect!….this is a quilt that I intend to use!!  I am quilting it at a size that feels comfortable. It turns out to be about 6 to 7 stitches per inch.

here are some more pictures of the front and the back (click pictures to enlarge)

Teddy felt bad that he didn’t get his picture taken yesterday so He jumped up on the chair to pose today ( I stand on that chair to hang the quilt)  He looks a bit of a mess because he has not been brushed yet today but here he is

I looked at the site stats this morning and I find that the most visited post this month is one from last year.  I made a lot of snowflakes last year and it seems that people are finding that post again.

here is the post

and here is the snowflake that I made the pattern for


Now I need to get to work

Happy Quilting


Snowflake Pattern

I have had a few people ask about patterns for snowflakes.  I don’t use a pattern, I draw each one out differently, but I scanned one before I cut it out. Here is the PDF file snowflake pattern

see this post for instructions on folding

The snowflake was made with an 18″ square piece of paper.  If you print the PDF you can transfer the design to your own 18″ folded snowflake with carbon paper. If you want to make it smaller you will need to adjust the print size to fit your folded paper.

Here is the snowflake cut but still folded


you can see my sketch lines, I try to follow the lines as much as I can but sometimes my sketch exceeds my cutting skill.   I really need a good pair of paper cutting scissors.  I bought what I thought was going to be great, a spring-loaded small Martha Stewart pair that come to a very sharp point….worthless junk!  They barely cut through one layer of paper let alone 6!

Anyway here it is opened 1/2 way


and all the way opened


Here is one with angels,  sorry I didn’t copy the pattern on this one.



Now I need to get back to quilting!

If you make some snowflakes I would love to see them!

I have put together a PDF of instructions and patterns which is available at my Etsy store