I finished the snowflake quilt.    I still need to steam it and block it to get it nice and flat and square.

I did the binding with a narrow matching fabric.   I had planned to do prairie points but the fabric I was planning to use, assorted blue and white Christmas prints, had a lot of white that was a brighter white than the top and made it look dirty.    I cut the binding strips at 1.5 inches and folded in half , machine stitched to the front and folded to the back and hand stitched.


I started it here

here is the start of quilting  and another

here is a post of the progress   and here

Here it is finished …it is 41 inches square

I think I will take a day off from hand quilting now 🙂

I plan to work on a pattern for it this week

Happy Quilting


Almost there

I finished the hand quilting.   Now I need to do the binding and wash out the markings and get some good pictures.

click pictures to enlarge

Happy Quilting


Making Progress

I have been busy hand quilting.  Here are some update pictures….making progress (click pictures to enlarge)

The second picture is the real color…..without the flash it sort of looks cream colored but it is white

More updates soon

Happy Quilting


More Hand Quilting

I’m still at it.   I worked on the snowflake quilt for about 14 hours on Saturday and 16 on Sunday.   I have 2 corners left to quilt.

Here are pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

Teddy wanted to try it out again.


I get a lot of questions and concern about my hands.    Many hand quilters use the finger on the under hand to feel the needle.   When the needle goes through the fabric from the top the finger on the bottom side of the quilt is used to feel the tip of the needle coming through and determine how far to push it through before pushing it back to the top thus regulating stitch length.  The result being that the finger on the under hand gets poked by a needle with every stitch.   I have seen some fingers that really look painfully damaged!  Some say that they build up a callus and the pain goes away.    I do it differently, my under hand finger pushes up the fabric but doesn’t touch the needle so I rarely poke it so I don’t suffer from the same kind of pain.   My hands have built up a lot of strength over the years of hand quilting so they really don’t get tired unless I am quilting very thick fabric.

Here are my fingers this morning after quilting for 30 hours over the weekend


a bit rough but more from flowers than needles.

I have 2 corners to finish and based on the last corner I will need 60 hours to finish them.   That would normally be about 10 days but I am going to try to do it in a week.    Check back for more progress pictures soon.

Happy Quilting


Hand Quilting Marathon

I am quilting away non stop trying to get this done By Nov 6.

Here are some pictures

Teddy says HI


More progress pictures soon

Happy Quilting


edge work

Last time I posted about the snowflake quilt


and said that I pinned towels to the edges to make quilting the edges easier in the hoop.


Today I put it in the hoop so here is how it looks


The light was perfect so I took a few more pictures …when the light is right it really shows the texture. (click pictures to enlarge)

Teddy was ready to pose today so here is his photo shoot

He is such a good model….but I am afraid he really needs a bath 😦   but don’t tell him….he hates getting wet!

Happy Quilting


Center Finished

I finally Finished the center of the snowflake quilt.    Here are some pictures  including a few close-ups so you can see the stitching.(click pictures to enlarge)

I am ready to do the borders so I pin towels to the edge of the quilt.    The towel is so that when I put the quilt in the hoop I can work on the edges and the corners.


It won’t be long now!

A few pictures from the floral design class I teach

DSCN4521 DSCN4522

Now to get to work on hand quilting those edges!

Happy Quilting