Tote Bag

I made the snowflake applique block into a tote bag today

I quilted the block using 2 layers of batting for added structure and did very dense quilting which also tends to add stiffness.    I lined it with a red batik look fabric.    I decided it would look more interesting to not center the large snowflake so I made it sort of wrap around the bag.  Now that I have it made I realize I should have take pictures of the steps so I will try to get another one done this week and get pictures and write up some instructions .

I did the quilting and bag construction on my Montgomery Ward machine ( made in Japan in the 60’s).   I bought this machine because I wanted the cabinet that it came in.   The machine itself was a bit of a mess and I almost asked the people at the antique mall if I could just take the cabinet and leave the machine .  It was rusty and it would not move at all.     I decided to give it a chance and cleaned and oiled it and it came back to life.     I have still have the motor attached to it but I use it in one of my treadle bases.    This one takes singer 15 bobbins and standard needles.   it is easy to get different feet for it because they are standard low shank feet.    It makes a great zig zag stitch, the feed dogs drop, makes a great straight stitch and I love the color.    The cabinet and machine were 20  dollars….it is now one of my favorite machines.

I started to do some work on another hand quilting video.    I am working on trying to figure out the best camera angle and how to keep my hands out of the way….not an easy task!

here is a bit of it in an unedited format……and if you watch to the end you will see that Teddy makes an appearance
( Update:  I am sorry if this video is not working ….I can’t seem to get it to load properly)


One more thing today because it is close to thanksgiving and I have been thinking about all the things I am thankful for.   I have to thank those who donated to the blog.    For privacy reasons I won’t name you publicly but I truly am thankful for your support!   Your donations have gone directly to the blog costs.
Happy Quilting







It is that time of year again…….
every year I make a bunch of snowflakes. Here are a few for previous years (click pictures to enlarge)

I am working on them again ( I might do another giveaway drawing in the next few weeks)
I made a video of how to fold and cut them and then make them into an applique for quilting.

Happy Quilting

August Snow

My Snowflake quilt (which I started last August…. see post here:  will be at AQS quilt week Aug 12-15 in Grand Rapids , and at Des Moines  Sept 30 – Oct 3. here is the link for details


In Grand Rapids there will also be a special exhibit from The Quilt Alliance “Animals We Love”

Quilt Alliance presents Animals We Love, the result of their 9th Annual Quilt Contest. The 89 small quilts honor an amazing array of animals including a giraffe, bees, goldfish, and a bighorn sheep. All of the quilts, representing many styles and techniques, are donated. After a summer and fall of touring, the quilts will be sold at an online auction in November 2015, one of the most important annual fundraisers for the Alliance for American Quilts. The 2 Teddy quilts are a part of that exhibit.

And I Have a snowflake and pattern featured in the current issue of Holiday Crafts magazine.


I do plan some day to make that snowflake into a quilt.      The magazine is in stores now.

I made some progress on the red white and black quilt .

DSCN7860 DSCN7859 DSCN7858 DSCN7857

Teddy didn’t feel like posing today, he was more interested in relaxing.


I think he might have the right idea 🙂

Happy quilting


Snowflakes and quilts

It is that time of year again.   People are getting ready for winter and the winter holidays.    Every winter I make snowflakes.

Here is a how to post I did a while back.

I have had so many people viewing the snowflake posts that I have done that I am planning to make a set of patterns.    I made a new one last night


and I will be making more soon.

I did a bit more piecing.   I have had some questions about how the blocks go together and how I did the design.

First I had the idea in my head.    It is based on a quilt that I made a few years ago.    It was a vintage top that I hand quilted.

finishing-binding 025

Old quilts are great inspiration for new designs.

I made a mock-up on the computer…from there I made a few changes in my head

fall idea

After I decided how I would make it I cut templates from template plastic.   I bought 10 half yards of fabric.  5 light and 5 dark,   I am cutting 2 inch strips of 5 fabrics and sewing them together into sets (light and dark)

Here is a light set with the templates set to trace


I trace the template with a sharpie


and I cut them all out with scissors ( I only use a rotary cutter for straight lines)

here is the layout with both the dark and the light sets cut


then sew them together


I finished 8 so far…here are a few possible layouts.  The color in the first 2 is about right, I am not sure what I did on the next 2  (click pictures to enlarge)

Teddy is learning how to get even more attention.   His new trick is to get in my chair.    I sit in this chair when I hand quilt so he sees me there a lot.   It is also where I sit when I am at the computer.

Now it is also where Teddy sits when he thinks he needs some extra attention….which of course he always gets….I think he wants to make sure I don’t forget who is in charge 🙂

Back to work…..I need to get the pattern made for the snowflake quilt


Finish piecing the batik quilt


Finish repair on the sunflower quilt


Finish hand quilting these


and several more…..I never have to worry about running out of projects

Happy Quilting


Snowflakes in August and Updates

Today I got notice that my Whole cloth Quilts have been accepted for the AQS show in Des Moines Oct 1-4



And a few new things

First I got the Interplay quilt blocks sewn together.


and pin basted ready for hand quilting.


More on the hand quilting soon.

And I started layout on a new whole cloth quilt.

Of all the blog posts I have done The post about making snowflakes has been the most popular.

In that post I included a pattern to make this snowflake


Looking am blogs site stats I see that I  am still getting several view per day of this thanks to Pinterest.

I decided that since I already designed the snowflake and it is a popular design, I should use it in a quilt.

I am no fan of applique….so I am not going to try to do that…it will be done as a whole cloth quilt.

I cut a stencil of the design to trace it onto the cloth


and used a blue clover wash away marker .

DSCN3581 DSCN3579

I am now in the process of adding more detail.


More on this as it develops.

Here are a few more snowflakes I have made (click pictures to enlarge)

It seems early to be thinking about a Christmas quilt but It really isn’t far off 😦

Happy Quilting