Melon Piecing

I started putting together the melon blocks.   The first thing I needed to do is make a pattern.    All of the melons were slightly different and I needed to get them all to the same size so that once pieced the blocks would lay flat.   Here is the template I came up with placed on top of one of the melons.


you can see that it needs trimming. Some of the melons are more off then this and some are nearly perfect size.

I trace around the template to see what I have to trim.


The other part of the template is traced onto the black fabric using a white clover pen.


When I cut out the pieces I end up with another set of melon pieces formed by the space between the 2 arcs.   I will make those into a quilt as well.


I hand pieced the first block.   I might try the next one on the machine.


The quilt will be 3 blocks x 4 blocks (60′ x 80″) and I will probably add a border.    If I copy and paste a picture of the one finished block several times I can get an idea of what the finished top will look like.


I didn’t get this lined up exactly but you get the idea of how it will look.  I will hand quilt this but I wont know what pattern I will use until I get it in the hoop.

Happy Quilting



Spiderweb quilt top

Today’s vintage quilt top is a String pieced Spiderweb that arrived today.


It is an interesting pattern.  It looks like hexagons with yellow sashing.  The actual piecing is done with diamonds.

Here is another from my collection that needs to be finished



Here you can see some of the individual diamonds.



With 6 diamonds together you get a star.

2012_0125string-star-foundati0008 2012_0125string-star-foundati0009

These were pieced on a muslin foundation.  The “strings” in this one are straight and uniform sizes from block to block.

The strings in the new one are random and it changes to look of the spiderwebs.

These were not foundation pieced as you can see from the back.



The yellow print is consistent through the whole top.  There is a wide range of fabrics used, dating from about 1870 for the earliest, and 1930’s for the later. Here are close up pictures of some of the blocks (click to enlarge)

It might be a while before I get these tops quilted but they are fun to look at just as they are.

Back to work for me….

Happy quilting


Antique string pieced star/hexagon/spider web top

Does it surprise anyone who reads my blog that I bought another antique top from eBay?

I could just not pass it up even though it was only partially finished.

I have been looking at string pieced quilts a lot since I purchased some string star blocks in CO.  I was also inspired by the work Kate at empty field has done on string stars.  And then Barbara Brackman had a post about string pieced quilts in a  similar pattern on her blog.  So when I saw this top I knew I had to have it.

Here is one block

Isn’t it interesting how the 60 degree diamonds made into a star can create hexagons when they are put together

there are some great fabrics

the blocks are all foundation pieced by machine

I will need to do some taking apart and re-assembly in order to square it up

I think it will make a beautiful quilt!  Here is a similar quilt from the quilt index

So there is now another project added to the growing pile of “some day quilts”

Happy Quilting