Trapunto Finished

I started this quilt quite a while ago.  I based it on one of my snowflakes. (see the sidebar on the right of this page for snowflake patterns)


I did all the hand quilting with blue thread and used wool batting.   I was pleased with the result and entered it into a few AQS shows.


It is going to AQS in Syracuse next and I decided to add trapunto to it first.  You can see a how to trapinto demo here

I finished the trapunto last night and washed it today.   I wash after doing the trapunto because it helps to close up the little needle holes made by doing the stuffing.


I think it really adds a lot by making the design stand out more.

DSCN7032 DSCN7030 DSCN7029

Several people have asked about what the back will look like so I folded it over to show it, the top layer in the pic is the back.


It always looks better when I erase the floor from the picture.


and changing the background color changes the look


I need to hang it to take another picture…when I take pictures on the floor the quilt gets a bit distorted looking from the camera angle….it really is square.

I have a pattern for the quilt as well which is also linked at the right sidebar of this page.   The pattern does not include trapunto directions since I did the pattern long before I decided to add the trapunto.

It is rainy again here today so looks like another quilting day

Happy Quilting


Gardening and quilting

I have the trapunto in the center of the Reindeer quilt finished.


One corner to finish.


Teddy thought if he covered it up I would not need to finish it.


It has rained a bit so it is wet and cloudy.   could use a lot more rain but the garden is growing.    There is not a lot blooming right now but here is another batch of pictures  (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


More trapunto and garden flowers

More progress on the trapunto…the center is nearly finished.   I have half of the deer and trees to finish and one corner of lattice and bells.


I have use 2 skeins of yarn so far.


I stuff it pretty tight so it takes a lot.

DSCN6956 DSCN6954 DSCN6953 DSCN6952

The garden continues to grow.    Here are a few pictures.   The roses are stating and the Lupine are really looking great.  (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


More Trapunto…..Sorry if it is repetitive

I have been stuck on this project for a few days but I am about half done.   Here are more pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

Here is the demo video

It should be finished in a few days

Happy Quilting


More Trapunto and some garden pictures

I finished some more of the trapunto.    The quilt looks a bit bumpy in the picture but that is because I have had it sort of wadded up in my hands to get the stuffing in.    It really is still flat.     Here are some more pictures (click to enlarge)

It did rain last night and it looks like more today.   It is very cloudy so the color of the pictures is not the best but you can still see how things are growing.

The grass is still wet from the rain so Teddy decided to stay inside …..he doesn’t like to get his feet wet.  Here he is in his “I’m bored” pose ( he thinks it is my fault that it is wet outside)


Happy Quilting


more stuffing

Toady I am waiting for it to rain because the garden needs it.   While I do that I am working on adding the trapunto to the reindeer quilt. It is turning out great.

I posted some pictures on Facebook and got some questions about it so I will answer them here as well.

  1. What will the back look like? wont it be full of holes?    NO.  the needle doesn’t break any threads it does look like it makes a hole but it closes right up when it is washed.  The threads of the fabric go right back into place. Aside from the hanging sleeve it will be hard to tell the difference between the front and the back.
  2. Wont that cause the quilt to be distorted?    NO.   Since I do the trapunto after all of the quilting is done all it can do is fill up those unquilted areas.  The quilting holds it all together and keeps it flat and square.   I might need to do a bit of steaming after it is washed to get out wrinkles, but I would do that even if there was no stuffing .    If it is a quilt that is not for a show I really don’t worry about that at all and just let the wrinkles come out on their own (they do disappear on their own over time while the quilt is unfolded and hanging or on a bed.
  3. Wont the stuffing get all bunched up in the wash?   NO.   I washed and dried (in the machine) my large feathered whole cloth quilt several times so far and it has not been a problem at all.


I am also adding stuffing to the grid and the bells.  here is a small section with some of that finished. (6 bells on the right are stuffed.)


Here are some more pictures of the progress (click pictures to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


Reindeer Modifications


Remember this quilt?   It has been in a few AQS shows this year.   It has a few more to go to and I have decided that I am going to make some changes to it first.

I am going to add Trapunto or stuffing.    Here is a link to how I do that

I have one deer and one tree done so far.


I think it makes a big difference.    It is going to take a long time to do the whole thing.   Teddy thinks I might be crazy.


I think he will approve when it is done.   Here are some more pictures

Happy Quilting