Treadling and Baking

It doesn’t seem like the holiday season until I do some baking.   Today I made ginger snaps.    They are super gingery, with molasses and cinnamon and lemon zest and I love this recipe because they are chewy in the center.


This is Teddy saying “I don’t see a cookie in my bowl”


Teddy doesn’t get people food so he had to make due with a dog biscuit.   He was fine with that.

The new belt for the treadle machine came in the mail today.


I had to try it out.  It is super easy to install the belt.  The belt is a long piece of leather with a metal clip at one end. First thread the belt up to the top of the machine.


Then pull it tight and mark where to cut it.


Next make a hole in the end, I used a giant needle that was in the cabinet.


Then put the clip through the hole and use pliers to bend it shut.


It took a minute to get the threading straight but it stitches beautifully!


I’ll have to plan a quilt top to piece so I can get some treadle practice.  I also need to give it a good cleaning and oiling …. but it is great fun!

Happy Quilting