More quilting and gardening

We actually had a little rain the last few days and the garden appreciated it  (click pictures to enlarge)

Hand Quilting continues

I finished the Double Irish Chain Quilt

Another video of how I finished it shows how to do the knife edge binding

(some people have been having trouble with the sound and I am sorry about that, I am doing the best I can with the cameras that I have……all I can suggest is to turn up the volume as high as it goes, YouTube adds closed captioning but I have noticed that what they have is very strange and often very different from what I am actually saying)

Here is the previous part

Happy Quilting



Book covers

I had an idea to make some book covers today


Those of you who think I work fast will get a kick out of this video

Teddy says HI


Happy Quilting


Batik quilt finished

I made a quilt top last summer (here is the post about how ) and I finished quilting it this week.
Here are some pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

Here is a video of how I did the Free Motion Quilting on my Singer 66 Treadle

Now back to hand quilting…..and new video of that coming soon

Happy Quilting


It still isn’t out of my system

I had to start another quilt on the treadle.     I feel like I am getting the hang of it now.  I still am working on the hand quilting of the flannel quilt, but I can only do a few hours a day and my hands and shoulder have had it.  I usually do 6+ hours a day so I need to have some quilting to do that doesn’t use the hand quilting muscles and I am having fun with the treadle.

As you may know I have a ton of old quilt tops.    Some I bought because they struck me as very interesting but don’t really warrant all the time to hand quilt so they are good candidates for machine quilting .

This one is from the 60’s-70’s I imagine.     Synthetic fabrics, mixed with some cotton fabric and the yellow center is actually a small gingham check in rayon/acetate .


I think it is a pretty neat top but it is really off.   There isn’t a straight line in it and it will not lay flat ( and what a chore to try pressing it).    It is however proving to be fun to quilt.

I am using a rust/redish thread and doing a LOT of quilting.


The back is going to be pretty as well


Here are a few more pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

It is nice to give new things a try and as much as I enjoy hand quilting I have found that I also enjoy machine quilting on my treadle machine.   ( I do tend to always prefer low tech)

My hands are rested so back to work on that hand quilting project

Happy Quilting


Trial Run

A few years ago I made this quilt.


Since then I have had the idea of making a whole cloth quilt of Teddy.      Here is the picture I will base it on.


Before I buy fabric and get going hand quilting I decided to do a test run using the treadle machine.    It will help me to work out the details better than just drawing it.   I am using  fabric I had on hand and wool batting.    It is about 44″x36″  here is the start.


It won’t be anything great but it will help me to design the larger hand quilted version. Here are a few progress pictures (click on pictures to enlarge)

It is also a chance to practice machine quilting.   Which like any other skill takes a lot of practice.


I sold some quilts and have added a few more quilts to my sale.  Here are the newly listed quilts.

Here is the link to the store

Happy Quilting


I finished the Treadle machine quilt.  Finished size 78″ x  84″

I did all of it on the treadle…..piecing, quilting and binding.  Teddy thinks it is for him.

Here are some pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

Back to hand work for now

Happy quilting