The coneflowers are blooming away in the garden.

It inspired me to start this quilt.

I worked on it a little more

I have a lot of background quilting to go and I want to do a bit more painting.

I worked on the sewing machine top….here is the before

and after

Not perfect to be sure but I hope I look that good when I am 130.

Now I can clean up a bit and re-organize to find a good place to put it ….it sews beautifully so I do plan to use it .

Happy Quilting


Singer VS2 running

I got the old Singer running…..

and I found some pictures of one from an old auction record

That helped to know what I needed to look for in the top and base.

I found a top that is in very bad shape but it is the same as this pictures above so I ordered it and will work on restoring it.

I also found a few bases but have not decided if I want to buy one ( the top will fit on one of my existing bases)
anyway this 18 dollar machine has the potential of being very expensive!

here is a longer video I did

I will post some more pictures when I get it all cleaned up and put together….
I did try some Free Motion quilting on it and it works great!

Happy Quilting

Too many?

I have been rearranging my machines so I can use them easier.    I have 5 Treadles set up

dscn1407 dscn1406
and some machines that I switch out with those that are in the treadle bases now.

dscn1405 dscn1404
and an electric.

Also two more electrics in cabinets upstairs and another down here that I forgot to get pictures of.

So it that too many?


I use them all…..and it is so much fun to decide which one to use for the next project…..and I love to work on them, repair and rehab…..

I am always on the look out for one I don’t have yet

It is Fall here in Lansing And I really need to get some yard work done


Teddy has been enjoying the fall weather


He keeps busy sniffing the ground to see where the squirrels have been.

Time to get to work…….that new quilt is calling me

Happy Quilting


Spring Flowers and Minnesota Sewing Machine

I spent some time working in the garden today.   I fertilized the lawn, did a bit of weeding and planted a few annuals.   Teddy watched .


Things are starting to grow.

Here are a few garden pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

I got another new sewing machine.   This one is a Minnesota F.


Minnesota was the brand name for Sears Sewing Machines (other brands used by Sears over the years were Franklin, Acme, June, and Eventually Kenmore)  Minnesota Machines were made by The Davis Sewing Machine Company of Dayton, Ohio. With a few exceptions, Davis would become the sole supplier of sewing machines to Sears until about 1912 when Sears began to slowly phased out sales of Davis sewing machines in favor of models made by Domestic, Free, White and other manufacturers.  Davis would eventually go out of business about 1924, having become dependent on supplying Sears with sewing machines over the previous twenty years for its main source of income and unable to make up the loss from other sources.

It is a smaller machine.   The base measures 12″ x 6″ Here it is in front of a full-sized Singer.


I spent some time cleaning it up and oiling it. (I didn’t get before picture to show how much better it looks )   It is in pretty good shape.    I will have to do some modification to one of my treadle bases to fit the smaller size so I haven’t tried it out yet but I can tell it will work great.

It takes huge needles (Davis long needles) that aren’t impossible to find but aren’t made anymore either so they cost a few dollars each.   The machine came with a box of attachments and there were 2 extra needle in that.

In this picture the needle on the left is the needle for this machine and the right is the standard Singer needle


Now back to hand quilting



Project updates

A few days ago I posted about this cabinet.


I am in the process of converting it to a base for treadle sewing machines …… I cut out the center section  and took off the doors.   I want to store extra machines in it , but it is nice to see them so the doors are gone.  I cut down the height as well… it is a better working height

The next step is to paint it.    I am doing a fake wood grain painting on it.   The first step is to paint it yellow.


I used a color called “summer squash”    the yellow will not finish yellow but will be covered with a stain and some will show through to make the grain.

After the yellow is dry I go over it with gel stain.   I am using Brazilian Rosewood


and here is how it looks on the cabinet ends


Once this part is dry I’ll add the top and the treadle mechanism.

I finished hand quilting the Flannel quilt.     I washed it and hung it to dry.    If it were mine I would put it in the dryer but since I didn’t make the top or select the batting I am not sure whether it would shrink or not so to be safe I washed on gentle cycle and cold water and hang to dry


I love how it turned out!

click pictures to enlarge

I finished my machine quilting project on the treadle machine.    I hung it over the sofa….and it looks pretty nice.    finished size is variable because of the wonky piecing but it is about 72″ square….some places it is a bit larger.


Click pictures to enlarge

Teddy had a trip to the groomer and got a green bandanna


Happy Quilting