Rainy Day

Its been raining off and on today and yesterday so I have not spent any time in the garden.  I have been working on quilting but I didn’t want to show more pictures of that until It is done.  I have been trying to think of something original to post about today so I decided to show another vintage UFO.

This Lone Star quilt top is nearly finished.  I will just need to add the setting pieces to finish it and do a bit of patching.

LoneStar 009 LoneStar 011

It is 64″ wide so it will make a good-sized quilt.

There is a hole in it (likely mice)

LoneStar 003

Fortunately I have lots of the original fabric and the original makers template.

LoneStar 004

I have to decide what to put in those corners and since I have matching fabric I might do something like this:



Or I could do the traditional setting


There is no big rush to decide!…I have tons of others that are ready to go, but I am always thinking several quilts ahead.

In Floral Design class last night I taught about Tropical flowers and using negative space.

designs 6-27-13 015LoneStar 008

Happy Quilting


Tropical flowers and pyramids

I teach a floral design class on Wednesday nights.  I usually don’t remember to take a picture of the designs we make, and I never bring the flowers home but last night we worked with tropical flowers and I had to bring the design home.

The design is made with Bird of Paradise, Pink Mink Protea, Leucadendron and Gerbera (not gerber..that is baby food..correct name is Gerbera)

It was fun to make and the students did a great job!…I must remember to take my camera to class each week to get pictures of their work.

here is a closer picture

I finished another row on the thousand pyramids re-do project

I have a long way to go on this but it is an easy project to work on in small doses.  I can do a few pieces and put it down then pick it up again later without much thought of what to do next…just pick up the next piece from the stack and start sewing.

Next time I will update about the Japanese fan quilt…progress there as well.

Happy quilting